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Check Out PredictGov – A New Entrant in the Legal Predictive Analytics Space

As I and many others have covered, the rapid infusion of new technologies into law—what some refer to as “law+tech”—is one of the major transformational trends leading to the post-normal era in which lawyers find themselves. 366 more words

Law 2050 Initiative

CRM Implementation Best Practices – Part 5, Impact and ROI

For our last post, we shared CRM Implementation Best Practices – Part 4, Data Management. This is the last of our CRM five-part series:  1) Getting Buy-In, 2) Planning and Budgeting, 3) Implementation, 4) Data Management, and 5) 862 more words


CRM Implementation Best Practices – Part 4, Data Management

Last week we shared CRM Implementation Best Practices – Part 3, Implementation. This is our CRM five part series:  1) Getting Buy-In, 2) Planning and Budgeting, 3) Implementation, 4) 792 more words


Why Creating A Timeline Will Help Your Case.

How to Create a Timeline For Your Case: First Steps to Take and Choices to Make, by Morgan Smith, Cogent Legal Blog


In litigation, almost every case will benefit from a timeline that lays out key facts and circumstances in a chronological order.

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Law Firm and Corporate Cybersecruity Presentation - UMB

Recorded at the University of Maryland, Baltimore during the “Cybersecruity and You” morning session. Discussed is the current landscape of cybersecurity at law firms and corporations, the primary issues these organizations are finding and general awareness of what is happening.

Joe Raczynski

Word Domination.

Dear Lawyers: It’s Not Word, It’s You, by Barron Henley, Lawyerist.com Blog


Here are two important facts about Microsoft Word:

Fact 1: 100% of the formatting problems you’ve experienced when drafting new documents can be completely avoided before they occur.

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That one missing LEGO - opening an NRL in your iOS email with LINK

Have you ever noticed that sometimes something very small can get in the way of completing something big and meaningful?

Like when you open a new Lego set and later discover that there are 1119 / 1120 pieces there, and of course the missing piece is the little tiny one that goes right in the middle, so you already spent two hours building half of the Star Wars set – but now you need to stop everything and drive 30 minutes each way to the Lego store to get that one tiny 2×2 block. 288 more words

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