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Who Has Your Back - Digitally Speaking?

Report – Who Has Your Digital Back? by Sabrina I. Pacifici, BeSpacific Blog


Technology is changing literally all the time. Unfortunately, the law does not. 114 more words

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Are iPad Text Messages Protected Under Your State's Wiretapping Laws?

iPad Texts Not Private Under Wiretap Act | The Legal Intelligencer*, The Democratic Underground.com

(The Legal Intelligencer requires subscription but is free for 5/mo articles. 96 more words

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The ABC's of Fielding Data.

The Virtues of Fielding, by Craig Ball, Ball In Your Court


I am a member of the typewriter generation. With pencil and ink, we stored information on paper and termed them ‘documents.’ Not surprisingly, members of my generation tend to think of stored information in terms of tangible and authoritative things we persist in calling ‘documents.’ But unlike use of the word ‘folder’ to describe a data directory (despite the absence any folded thing) or the quaint shutter click made by camera phones (despite the absence of shutters), couching requests for information in discovery as demands for documents is not harmless skeuomorphism. 

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Enterprise: Time to Get Onboard, “Mobile is Eating the World”

Inspired by data from “Mobile is Eating the World” by Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm, aka A16Z. 

Smartphones and the software which runs on them are changing everything we do. 948 more words

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More Goodies from iPhone J.D.

In the news, by Jeff Richardson, iPhone J.D. Blog


The latest and greatest from Jeff Richardson. Good discussion on ways to make text messages look good at trial.  38 more words

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How Many Types of Metadata Can You Name?

Production of System Metadata, by Joshua Gilliland, Bow Tie Law Blog


Have you ever been bit because you ignored metadata? Hands?

The legal profession is embracing technology to the point where it is considered a lawyer’s duty to know it, understand it, and use it. 94 more words

Legal Technology

9th Circuit Rules Google Earth Coordinates Are Not Hearsay.

How to Get Google Earth Images Admitted for Litigation, by Morgan C. Smith, Cogent Legal 


Many attorneys rely on Google Earth as the primary source for finding visual information for specific locations, all over the world, involved in litigation (see my prior post discussing…

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