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"USA Freedom Kids" group suing Donald Trump over broken business promises

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During the Democratic National Convention last night, Sen. Elizabeth Warren listed the many reasons why Donald Trump is unfit to be any kind of leader, let alone the next President of the United States. 429 more words


Anti-vaxxers. No science, but plenty of threats.

It takes an extraordinary person to go after a global pseudoscience network and dismantle it, piece by piece. The network involved is the Genesis II cult… 768 more words

Ensure You Are Covered When It Comes To Accident

Following through on a matter of personal injury is no fun, but it will serve you well in the long run. It can also assist in making the world a safer place for someone else. 1,086 more words

What will it take?

It’s horrible.

Yesterday saw a complete and utter tragedy in Japan when a man decided to attack and slaughter nineteen severely disabled people in a care facility outside Tokyo for the despicable crime of – being disabled. 633 more words

Disability Rants

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We all have a right to life and no one other being should decide on whether that right is not to be abided by. Hate Crime is abhorrent and should not be tolerated and the full force of the law should be applied to anyone person who undertakes to carry out any forms of hate crime.

Palestinians seeking to sue Britain over 1917 Balfour Declaration

The Palestinians have called on the Arab League to help them prepare a legal file against the British government for issuing the Balfour Declaration almost 100 years ago. 159 more words


Five things you may have missed about the Chilcot inquiry | Louise Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian

Much of the furore surrounding the Iraq war report focused on the failings of Tony Blair. But there were other, crucial findings that shouldn’t be ignored… 16 more words