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forget ganja, guyana govt won't even legalize industrial hemp!

i say and i say again
big negroes cannot and will not free you
big negroes sole purpose is to be junior massas

Acknowledging those in favour of industrial hemp in Guyana is having a “more vocal lobby,” Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said the UN Drugs Organisation and Guyana’s laws still consider hemp a narcotic and prohibited drug.

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Singapore: The Legality of Telemedicine

The Financial Times has today reported that Beckton Dickinson (“BD“) – a New Jersey based medical technology company – is set to acquire Bard (a healthcare equipment manufacturer) for USD 24 billion in cash and shares. 797 more words


Why is the UK so behind on marijuana?

You don’t have to smoke weed to know its a big day for people who smoke weed today. 4/20, it’s basically Christmas for stoners across the world. 1,444 more words


The Failed "War on Drugs" - Time for Change

The international, US-led, ideological “war on drugs” has been an utter failure and it is about time the UK joined a growing number of nations in taking a scientific, evidence-based approach to dealing with the inevitable use of psychoactive substances. 539 more words

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4 offices in 1 day!

OK so yesterday (when writing this) 21/03/2017, was a day when i needed to do 4 offices in Thailand in 1 day. British Embassy, translation,legalisation and local government. 1,091 more words

Good things come to those who wait and ..... hustle (part 2)

I set my alarm for the crack of dawn: 5.15 am.  My friend Liz had offered me a bed for the night and a lift to the airport.  1,143 more words

Adult Gap Year

The Nordic Model Now! Slideshow

The Nordic Model Now! slideshow is a fully scripted presentation designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the realities of prostitution. It takes about an hour and it systematically covers the gendered nature of  prostitution and its inherent racism, how women get into it, how it affects those within it, what it does to punters and the wider community, and the interconnections with colonialism, sex trafficking, child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse. 114 more words