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4 offices in 1 day!

OK so yesterday (when writing this) 21/03/2017, was a day when i needed to do 4 offices in Thailand in 1 day. British Embassy, translation,legalisation and local government. 1,091 more words


Good things come to those who wait and ..... hustle (part 2)

I set my alarm for the crack of dawn: 5.15 am.  My friend Liz had offered me a bed for the night and a lift to the airport.  1,143 more words

Adult Gap Year

The Nordic Model Now! Slideshow

The Nordic Model Now! slideshow is a fully scripted presentation designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the realities of prostitution. It takes about an hour and it systematically covers the gendered nature of  prostitution and its inherent racism, how women get into it, how it affects those within it, what it does to punters and the wider community, and the interconnections with colonialism, sex trafficking, child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse. 114 more words


Good things come to those who wait and wait...? (part 1)

I like to have a plan, maybe not with all the details sorted, but at least some idea of the direction in which I will be heading.  1,105 more words

Adult Gap Year


Degraded, exploited and undermined … all of these words spring to mind when thinking about the treatment of employees in the workplace.

Whether as a server, bar tender or receptionist, working class women are consistently selling themselves – and short for that matter – for the benefit of corporate greed, but more generally to pay off increasing overdrafts, late payment fees and interest rates. 1,535 more words

Australian Law Enforcement Have Lost The “War On Drugs”

“Organised crime in this state and the rest of the country is out of control and cannot be stopped without a radical change”, New South Wales (NSW) Crime Commission.

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Cannabis is NOT a Drug

In laying accusations against Cannabis sativa L., (Cannabis) as a cause of harm, Prohibitionists often produced ‘evidence’ based upon experimentation using concentrated or synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol ( 3,313 more words