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Save the Rhino dismay at horn trade ruling

Rhino conservationists have reacted with alarm and dismay to a South African High Court ruling that lifts a ban on domestic trade of rhino horn within the country. 597 more words

Putting an End to the War on Drugs

When opium came to Australia it was a black, gummy substance, kept in tins embossed with Chinese lettering. It was a workers drug, the indulgence of diggers from the Orient come to find their fortunes in the goldfields of New South Wales. 5,157 more words


Legalisation of sex work

I’m sorry to be doing much less creative writing blogging than personal blogging, but I’m pretty occupied creative-writing-wise with my novel, trying to meet this insane deadline that I’ve procrastinated on even thinking about. 353 more words

The Case for Legal Weed

One of the many things that is wrong with British society is its collective ignorance of the harmfulness of drugs. Don’t get me wrong there are many drugs that are very harmful to individuals and wider society but one that definitely does not fall into this category is marijuana. 572 more words
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Legal Recreational Marijuana: When not If

Hi! I am Aditya’s friend Ed and I will be writing a few articles on this website. Thanks for reading!

Recently, the debate on the legality of recreational marijuana has become more and more prevalent in American Politics. 743 more words

North American Politics

John McAfee - the man that could change the world

There are several words that can be associated with the dramatic persona that is John McAfee – eccentric, multi-billionaire, ex-fugitive and genius all spring to mind. 593 more words


Looking for the Time of Your Life? America To Open Country’s First Marijuana Resort With Nightclub and Casino In South Dakota.

If you like drugs, alcohol and gambling all at the same time then America is the place to be in 2016!

The United States Government, in their never ending journey to please actual Native Americans who they stole the land from ages ago (no, they still have not gotten over it.), has allowed for them to open the country’s first Marijuana Resort equipped with a nightclub and Slot Machines! 230 more words