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The Legalisation of Prostitution

Amnesty International has severely divided opinion across the world and received a backlash of vehement criticism after calling for prostitution to be legalised globally.

After extensive research, Amnesty International has publicly announced that legalising brothel-keeping is the best way to keep prostitutes and sex workers safe.  1,427 more words

Holiday Thoughts: Why Am I Even Here?

I’m currently staying with family in Texas, one of the southern states in the USA. It’s only just hitting me now that America can be the best and the worst place for all the LGBTQ+. 400 more words


Now The Cannabis Petition Has Passed 200,000, What Can You Do Next?

It’s a great achievement that together we have doubled the the number of signatures required for a debate on cannabis legalisation to be ‘considered’.  But it’s not over yet. 1,002 more words


Article | Sexköpslagen: Against the Swedish Model

Originally published in The ISIS, the longest-running student magazine in the world created by students at the University of Oxford.


The Rose Alliance, a Swedish union of sex workers, posted the following message on 12 July 2013: 1,576 more words

The best way to fight corruption is to legalise it

“So, that’s my quotum for this week.” The police-officer closes his book with traffic tickets and rises from his chair at the large window, where he has overlooked the rather derelict Amsterdam shopping street. 472 more words


A Petition Has Forced British MPs to Consider Cannabis Legalisation

In excellent news for the salted snacks industry, a petition to legalise cannabis in the UK on Parliament’s website has garnered over 150,000 signatures, which makes it very likely that it will be debated in the House of Commons. 209 more words


Italian Parliament to debate legalization of cannabis

A bipartisan group of 218 deputies introduced in the Italian Parliament a Bill to legalize cannabis, obviously on a controlled scale.

However, such a trailblazing Bill is unlikely to pass without the official support of the Government, which is unlikely to take risks on such a controversial proposal. 88 more words