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Marijuana school suspensions more than doubled after legalization (Alaska) — Family First NZ

Anchorage Daily News 11 January 2018Family First Comment: 141% increase!“Because it’s legal in the community, I think, the stigma around marijuana use is decreasing,” he said.

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Family First NZ


The legalisation of cannabis to me is one of the most controversial debates of my lifetime. After the government un-shockingly announced earlier this year that they were not going to even consider talks on the decriminalization of marijuana in the UK, it made me wonder why we even bother to sign these petitions anyway? 815 more words

Here Is Every Country That Legalized Marijuana in 2017

As the world learns more about about the scientific properties of cannabis, more countries are passing legislation that favors decriminalization or full legalization of marijuana… 343 more words

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Marijuanopoly: Why I'm adding my voice to the green revolution

On Monday, Marc and Jodie Emery,  Canada’s “Prince and Princess of Pot”, plead guilty to two charges; possession of marijuana for the purposes of trafficking, and possession of proceeds from crime. 1,055 more words

The Ever Increasing Concentration of the Sex Industry in Germany

Francine Sporenda interviews Manuela Schon about the legalised sex industry in Germany and the impact of new regulations. Manuela is a sociologist and political activist in Germany. 3,529 more words


My parents were stoners and that’s why I don’t want marijuana legalised — Family First NZ

NZ Herald 24 November 2017Family First Comment: Great commentary from a mum…“What will it be like if we legalise? Don’t you wonder what message it will send to children?

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The Failed “War on Drugs” – It's Time for Change

The international, US-led, ideological “war on drugs” has been an utter failure and it is about time the UK joined a growing number of nations in taking a scientific, evidence-based approach to dealing with the inevitable use of psychoactive substances. 558 more words