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Your thoughts on legalising marijuana?

So today a man came up to my boyfriend and asked him “Do you smoke weed?” He replied no. This was completely out of the blue but it got me thinking about the argument for legalising it. 233 more words


Forced marriage reported in 5 cases in Birmingham since it became criminal offence

There have been 5 crimes recorded in Birmingham since forced marriage became a criminal offence last year.

Lynne Townley on behalf of Save Your Rights…

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JRNL 101 Vox-Pop 2 - What are your thoughts on the legalisation of recreational marijuana?

With the increasing number of states having legalised marijuana for recreational use, including Washington D.C, Washington state and Colorado, and the amount of articles covering this topic in the media, i thought it was a good time to cover not only the stats, studies and official public news in regards to this topic but the opinions and views from regular citizens and students of Wollongong University on the recent legalisation and how they feel about this though the question “what are your thoughts on the legalisation of recreational marijuana”. 197 more words

JRNL 101

European Commission Responds To Ming On Cannabis Legalisation

As you may know last year Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan revealed he asked the European Commission a parliamentary question regarding the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. 610 more words

Quarter of Bath students smoking weed weekly, survey suggests

Written by Thomas Gane, Online Editor

In a survey of 436 students conducted by bathimpact, it was found that 64.4% of University of Bath students have taken cannabis at some point in their life, and that 73.6% of students support legalisation of cannabis in the UK. 593 more words

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Healthcare Firm Aims To Lobby Government Over Medicinal Cannabis Products

Reports today have revealed that a healthcare firm known as GreenLight Industries hopes to successfully fundraise in order to run medical trials for its cannabis product Greenlight Oil. 563 more words

SSDP Ireland Announce Second Annual Conference Details

Students For Sensible Drug Policy Ireland recently announced the date for their second annual national conference.

The event takes place on Thursday April 2nd at 5pm in the Helix, which is located on Dublin City University (DCU) campus. 532 more words