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...And that’s the real reason.

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America’s overdose rate is 140 per 1 million people. Portugal’s is 3 per 1 million. Figure it out, America.

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Justice & Law

Varavīksnes uzvara

ASV Augstākā tiesa šodien balsojumā 5 pret 4 atbalstīja viendzimumu laulību legalizāciju visos štatos, pamatojot to ar konstitūcijā ierakstītajām tiesībām uz vienlīdzīgu attieksmi pret visiem cilvēkiem. 40 more words

Love Wins

History was made today. Gay marriage was legalized in America, and #LoveWins is being broadcast across the country. Except love isn’t in the air for everyone. 881 more words


The War We Shouldn't Have Waged

Keir Martland

In a recent conversation with a conservative (with a small ‘c’), I do not think I made myself sufficiently clear. While discussing drug re-legalisation (for, the War on Drugs is in no way part of the British constitution), it became clear that we disagreed; my friend is opposed to the re-legalisation of drugs and I am in favour of it. 3,358 more words


Drugs Don't Kill People, Politicians Do

It really seems clear to me that the main reason we have a gang and gun culture in our big cities, such as Liverpool, London and Manchester, is almost entirely down to the illegal drug trade. 485 more words