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EUROPEAN UNION – New Regulation Simplifies the Recognition of Public Documents Across the EU

Regulation (EU) 2016/191, published on 26 July 2016, aims at promoting free movement of citizens by simplifying the requirements for submitting certain public documents issued in one European Union (EU) country in another EU country. 92 more words

Immigration Alerts

Challenging widespread perceptions of dagga use

Who smokes weed? Why do these people use it? What effect does weed have on society? What do we do about this drug “problem”? These are some of the questions that are often answered with stereotypes and misconceptions, either by ourselves or the people around us based on a lack of knowledge or being misinformed. 564 more words

Challenging Perceptions

Fields Of Green for all

“At the end of Matric in 2004 I took a trip to Europe and during that trip I visited Amsterdam,” says attorney Paul-Michael Keichel. “Not only did I smoke some very high-grade cannabis and enjoy it, I found myself in a very functional society in which people go about their business the sky doesn’t fall.” 1,019 more words

South Africa

Reefer Slackness

MEXICO and cannabis, are two words that wouldn’t be far from each other in a word association test. For decades this crop, along with other mind altering substances, has fuelled a criminal war that has taken the lives of a comparable number of people to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. 442 more words


Should Tom and Crystal move to Portland, Oregon?

Cases for and against……..

The people are nice
Wholefoods supermarkets everywhere
The tree lined streets
Being weird is both common and encouraged #keepportlandweird
Marijuana is legal… 1,728 more words

Technically speaking, legality can conveniently be made by a legalising act. As a result, integrity shall come to the rescue, by putting such legality to the test.

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Empty Vessels; On pregnancy and sex work

The similarity between the policing of reproductive and sex workers rights is obvious to anyone not blinded by whorephobia. On the most basic level, its not about whether you think sex work/abortion is wonderful, empowering, a good thing, but about whether you think everyone deserves bodily autonomy. 903 more words