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Don't You Just Hate Traffic?

Last week I talked about the implications of being caught in possession of illicit substances within Australia. I outlined what kind of fines or charges you may face in the unfortunate event that you get caught with your proverbial pants down. 383 more words


Data Journalism Makes My Brain Hurt

…that being said, I think it’s a really important skill to master. If for no other reason, it’ll make me some cash money, because I know that my colleagues find it similarly distasteful. 257 more words


The Truth Is Out: Australian's Like Drugs!

Not so long ago in my article, ‘A War On Two Fronts’, I talked about the fact that Australia’s War on Drugs was pointless. I argued that the criminal underworld was operating like it was business as usual, despite the law enforcement’s best efforts. 411 more words


Let's Talk About Weed

At the heart of Australia’s War on Drugs is the little miracle plant called Marijuana. The cultivation and consumption of Marijuana have been illegal in Australia since 1938. 352 more words


The Cost Of Australia's War on Drugs

It’s a term that is often heard on the prime-time news and in morning newspapers, Australia’s War on Drugs. Often this term is paired with Australian law enforcement and the judicial system telling us that the government has dealt a great blow to the illicit drug market with another headline-making arrest. 368 more words


Can we at least smoke ganja in Hindustan? - Palash Mehrotra

Possession and sale of ganja and hashish is a criminal offence in India. Yet its scientific name is Cannabis indica. No Mahashivratri and Holi celebrations are complete without it. 1,164 more words