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Criminalisation Is a Social Opiate

For me, drug policy is the clearest example of social protection at a remove: restricting a choice not because of the direct outcome being negative, but because the possible outcome of that outcome could be negative. 642 more words



Drug prohibition has become a mainstream political issue. What was once dismissible as a vain hope has not only become a possibility but a reality in many parts of the world. 628 more words

My inspiration and analysis of professionally created audio work...

Why did I decide to create an audio feature about the legalisation of cannabis in the United Kingdom? 
The reason why I decided to base my assessment radio feature onto the legalisation of cannabis in the UK is because there have been many debates, for many years, about whether it should be legalised and what are its effects? 599 more words
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Legal horn trade debate produces heat - and light

The world rallied to the global financial crisis and the ebola crisis; they need to rally to the current global poaching crisis.

Fierce debate over legalising the trade in rhino horn has split South Africa’s conservation lobby in recent months.

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Legal Weed - It's Finally Being Talked About

Sky News recently ran a story about a study revealing that heavy use of super strong ‘skunk’ weed almost definitely leads to mental illness, such as psychosis and schizophrenia. 434 more words


There is now a political party dedicated to legalising Weed in the UK

I get the feeling that when it comes to politics, most young people either don’t care or don’t understand what’s going in. For many, politics holds the same value as coursework does in… 537 more words