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High or Bye Mary Jane?

Adopted, used and venerated, weed is everywhere. The British debt doesn’t stop increasing, especially since Brexit. The government is then seriously considering legalising the drug to boost the British economy. 1,651 more words


What happens after your document is notarised? Authentication and Apostille in New South Wales

People who have not had any prior experience obtaining a Sydney Notary Public may find the process of notarising their documentation a little confusing. Often, a new client may think that getting the certification from the notary is enough to have their documentation recognised in a foreign jurisdiction (i.e. 978 more words

The Australian And New Zealand College Of Notaries

The Dangers of Legalising Marijuana

By Thomas Smith History and International Relations undergraduate, University of Exeter

A known poet once wrote that ‘April is the cruelest month.’ Fast forward almost 100 years, and April might perhaps now be termed as the mellowest month, as hundreds descend to London’s Hyde Park to celebrate ‘4/20’, or international ‘Cannabis Day’, symbolic of the increasing popularity of cannabis in Britain as across the globe. 893 more words


Victimless Crimes and Victorless Battles: Why Drug Use Should Be Legalised 

The war on drugs is in reality a war on people

(Transform Report, p. 17)

Over the last century, drug use has been subject to harsh prohibition and criminalisation in Western societies. 2,510 more words

forget ganja, guyana govt won't even legalize industrial hemp!

i say and i say again
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Acknowledging those in favour of industrial hemp in Guyana is having a “more vocal lobby,” Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said the UN Drugs Organisation and Guyana’s laws still consider hemp a narcotic and prohibited drug.

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Singapore: The Legality of Telemedicine

The Financial Times has today reported that Beckton Dickinson (“BD“) – a New Jersey based medical technology company – is set to acquire Bard (a healthcare equipment manufacturer) for USD 24 billion in cash and shares. 797 more words


Why is the UK so behind on marijuana?

You don’t have to smoke weed to know its a big day for people who smoke weed today. 4/20, it’s basically Christmas for stoners across the world. 1,444 more words