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Cannabis is NOT a Drug

In laying accusations against Cannabis sativa L., (Cannabis) as a cause of harm, Prohibitionists often produced ‘evidence’ based upon experimentation using concentrated or synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol ( 3,313 more words


Top Ten: Benefits of Decriminalising (and Legalising) Drugs 

I have decided to put this together after researching and advocating for the decriminalisation of harmful substances over many years. This is often an emotive subject and the opposing argument will always exist, but here are my top ten justifications for decriminalising illegal drugs: 149 more words

Top Tens


By Sixtine Marion

Legalising cannabis in the UK could bring the Treasury £1bn a year in tax revenue, says a report backed by many politicians. 611 more words


I love Leuven! Everyone speaks English!!

Of course  I visited Belgium regularly after making England my permanent home.  But you know how it goes, those trips focused on catching up with family rather than exploring the touristy towns and attractions and there had been no need to return to the Alma Mater, my university town Leuven.  701 more words

Adult Gap Year

Testing time For Trees


How does one kill a tree? Axe it down silly! I can almost hear you screaming out loudly. But then, we also know that the old fogey will shed tears for a while, mope around a bit and spring right back with tender green sprouts at the earliest opportunity. 697 more words

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United In Compassion to Grow Cannabis for All Australians

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”, wrote Sir Walter Scott in the early 1800’s. He could very well have been talking about the nascent cannabis industry in Australia and the machinations of both sides of politics.  2,108 more words


Cannabis Consumption and Taxation in a Legalised Environment

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit ‘drug’ in Australia and worldwide. The long-running legalisation debate gained momentum early in 2016 when the Federal Government passed new laws to pave the way for the use of ‘ 819 more words