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Am I a Legalistic Parent?

Steve Smith has a great blog called Liberty For Captives where he writes about his experiences with legalism, spiritual abuse and cult systems.

Among many helpful articles, one called… 281 more words


It's the Law

Legalism is defined as the adherence or dependence on a moral law over a personal faith.  This was a huge problem in the early church, and it was talked about in detail in Colossians.  1,024 more words


The Conversation in the Library

Story time.

This past Monday I was at the local community college where I take some dual credit classes. I was in a group of people talking in the library. 354 more words


Immigration is not a topic I’m at all passionate about. I certainly have my beliefs and opinions on the matter, and I surely have concerns about our nation’s safety, but I’m not overzealous when it comes to immigration policy, illegal immigration, and immigration reform like a majority of politicians and their constituents appear to be at this time. 851 more words

Textbook spirituality

There is such a spirituality that is so obsessed with rules, regulations and recipes that it is done to the ready exclusion of very spirituality itself! 300 more words


Sabbath Rest-Daily Insights for Growth (1/15/2017)

The past couple of days my readings in Mark’s Gospel have focused on the topic of sabbath. God created the sabbath to call his people into a regular and intentional experience of rest from their labors and from the incessant hurriedness of life. 325 more words


Christadelphianism appears to be a complex religion that is based on over-intellectualisation of the gospel. I say complex because one is taken through a maize of scriptural references which lead away from the simple apprehension of the gospel message, instead, claiming superior knowledge upon which they rely directly for their salvation, and denying all other Christians the right to lay claim to this same salvation, and certainly denying them fellowship. 158 more words