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The Right Order for Love

This morning, God gave me a great enlightenment; I realized that my understanding was preposterous. I was still legalistic to this regard. I was thinking I would not be able to love some people for I have negative evaluation of them. 1,352 more words

Thoughts For Life


We all love our family traditions, particularly those traditions that we observe during the major holidays. We dress in our finest spring outfits for Easter. We have a big family cookout before popping of a lot of fireworks for 4th of July. 879 more words


Being Legalistic: What is it? & How do I avoid it?

#TalkingThursday – If you don’t talk about Jesus who will?

Have you ever come across this word − Legalistic? I hate this word. I don’t know if it is because I’m an… 1,160 more words


Grace AND Truth

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” -Eph. 2:8

Isn’t Grace amazing? God’s unmerited favor! 350 more words

Through Being Cool (Pt.2)

Lately I’ve been getting caught up in moments where I’m taken back to my high school days and early college years, taken back to things I said, things I did, people I hung around with, the way I dressed. 802 more words


Magandang araw po. Usapang kasal naman tayo ngayon para romantiko simula ng bagong taon sa blog na ito. Kung kayo po ay matagal na nagbabasa na ng blog na ito, marahil ay napansin niyo na akma namin rito sa Intentional Lacunae na ipaliwanag ang batas sa karaniwang wika at sa ‘kolokyal’ na pamamaraan dahil naniniwala kaming ang Batas ay para sa Lahat. 430 more words


Legalism, What Does the Bible Teach?

By Peter Wesson

In religious circles, legalism, legalist, and legalistic are often thrown around as putdowns.  When somebody thinks someone is being too strict, the person is called… 709 more words