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Scrap Pile 3 - My House: My Rules

I wrote this years and years ago… maybe even a decade ago (where did my youth go‽) in order to make my position on the idea of fanfiction in general clear. 1,574 more words


GCHQ Leaks


a double-post day! This morning I came across this article saying that BoingBoing had leaked a couple of GCHQ documents from Wikileaks Snowden Files (The files are available at the bottom of the BoingBoing artcile). 684 more words

Man Meat Mail - Boys Will Be Boys...

Every now and again on Facebook, amidst the ocean of click-bait and the serial dramas of people illegally live-posting their mental breakdowns on Facebook whilst sat in traffic, someone adds a bit of debate, or philosophy, or both to the mix. 687 more words


Are Drone Attacks lawful?

By Sakshi Pawar/ Rishika Mendiratta*

The legality of drone attacks has been a hot topic and a subject of countless debates in international law. US has time and again been accused of using the predatory drones to the disadvantage of the other non-state and state thus raising the question of fairness, proportionality of these attacks. 1,675 more words

International Humanitarian Law

While Deployed

“While I was in Iraq I got a call from my wife saying her and our small children were involved in a hit and run accident. 133 more words


The Shooting of MH17: Is international law failing?

By Rishiraj Baruah*

The Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur, flying at 33,000 feet, was shot down in the Donetsk Oblast in Eastern Ukraine on 17th July 2014. 2,140 more words

Public International Law