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I'm finally 18!

Legal na ako. Oo, 18 na. Nasabihan na ring gurang. Hahaha. Sa totoo lang, takot ako mag-18 kasi more responsibilities na, dapat maging lady-like ka na pero yung thought and feeling of takot nadisappeared. 412 more words


A Place that was Ours. Chapter Seven - Entertaining Maberley

Once upon a very long time ago when names like Stanley Matthews and Billy Wright reigned supreme in the English League, Casterley Town was a successful football club.  3,619 more words

The Most Ancient Livelihood

Yeah, you know it. Prostitution. For some reason, people still revile whores. In this day and age, where consent is taken, taken back, and even seized, the appeal of prostitution is significant. 185 more words

Mining Blues and the Law

Over the past few days, I have been on a tremendous learning curve.

During the New Years holiday, a friend of mine jokingly said that, in the last 14 months, I have done the equivalent of a Master’s degree in crypto currency.  837 more words

Speed Awareness Courses in Scotland

More than one newspaper has reported that speed awareness courses may be implemented in Scotland. To date the system of police waivers and course offers has only been used in England and Wales, with more than one million drivers now doing one every year. 340 more words


FSC’s Christmas present for Schweighofer

In November 2015, WWF Germany filed a formal complaint with FSC against the Austrian-based company Holzindustrie Schweighofer – the largest forest products company in Romania. The complaint followed a series of… 580 more words