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Just going to leave this here...

“Another hot button topic in our country right now is illegal immigration. Often you’ll hear people (mostly those critical of immigrant rights) use the phrase “Illegals” when talking about undocumented immigrants. 70 more words

Cannabis Grinders on Religious Grounds

The International Church of Cannabis officially opened it’s doors yesterday in Denver, Colorado. The church was open to the public until 2pm, allowing only invited visitors to remain for their private 4:20 sacred ceremony. 230 more words

Hayes Response and Course Evaluation

I have received a response from John Hayes, M.P., who is the Minister directly responsible for the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill which is currently going through Parliament. 613 more words


It's Just A Phone Call, Just Charge Me For That: Legal Reasons#45

I often get calls from prospective clients who just want “quick advice” or “send an email” or “make just one call” as their attorney.  They often balk when I mention my retainer and hourly rate. 119 more words


Chemical weapons in Syria and the UN Security Council: No resolution adopted

On April 12, Security Council met again to discuss the issue of chemical substances that caused the death of 87 persons last April 4 in Syria. 2,847 more words


License to Kill

I’m taking a philosophy class this semester, and I’m loving how much it encourages us to stretch our minds.  I think it’s important for us to be educated enough to know… 373 more words


Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill Update

The Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill is going to make police waivers and “education” courses legal for the first time. The Bill is currently passing through Parliament and is now in the Commons Committee stage. 969 more words