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Cheers to Legality!

Being 18.

Wow, it’s just too hard to absorb such things. The last thing i know, i was just a kid running around the streets, playing chinese garter and piko with my childhood friends. 982 more words


Copyright...is it right?

People always say don’t plagerize…

we are taught at a young age how to avoid plagiarism.

However we’re not commonly taught how to avoid copyright.¬†Copyright is a form of protection given to the authors or creators of their original works. 277 more words

Improper Exercise of Police Powers

We have commented on the perversion of justice involved in the offer of speed awareness courses before (for example, on this page of our web site: … 363 more words


It Appears President Donald Trump Doesn't Know He Has to Abide by the US Constitution

President Trump signed his newest executive order, rolling back the insanely weak Wall Street regulations balled up in a piece of legislation called Dodd-Frank.

This legislation does almost nothing to regulate Wall Street. 298 more words

Mail Article on Driver Diversion re Phone Use

Today the Mail on Sunday have published a good article on the issue of mobile phone use while driving, and the diversion of drivers to education courses under the headline “Fury as police say: send drivers using phones on course”. 296 more words


The Younger Set: Friends and marriage

The Younger Set is both a romance and a love story.

The romance is between a divorced man, Capt. Philip Selwyn, 35, and his sister’s ward, Eileen Erroll, 19. 203 more words


FSC fails to kick out Schweighofer despite "clear and convincing evidence" of illegalities in Romania

Two-thirds of the last old-growth forests in Europe are in Romania. Unfortunately, Romania’s forests are under threat from rampant illegal logging. And by failing to kick out companies involved in this illegal logging, the Forest Stewardship Council is complicit in this destruction. 681 more words