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"Trump casts doubt on legality of special counsel Mueller"

President Trump on Friday night renewed doubts about the security of the special counsel’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election by musing in a tweet that the special counsel “was established based on an illegal act.”… 43 more words


Timber Trade Federation: "FSC alone is no guarantee of having complied with legal process"

Last week at Manchester Magistrates Court a timber company called Hardwood Dimensions (Holdings) Ltd was found to be in breach of regulations prohibiting the import and sale of illegally harvested timber. 466 more words

Morality and legality in everyday life

I know that there are topics that seem just a tad too heavy for a blog like this one. When you get up and click on a blog you usually read for travel tips and advice on living abroad, you don’t expect to come across themes like legal matters and morality. 830 more words


“Their colour is not the problem. The problem is that they will outnumber and completely take over us.” K-ĽSNS and Racism on the Edge of Legality

By Adam Gašparovič

The author of the quote above is Milan Mazurek, Vice Chairman of the nationalist Kotleba – Peoples’ Party Our Slovakia (K-ĽSNS). This piece will provide an analysis of a speech that Mazurek gave during a protest against “Gypsy terror” in the city of Krompachy. 1,107 more words


I'm finally 18!

Legal na ako. Oo, 18 na. Nasabihan na ring gurang. Hahaha. Sa totoo lang, takot ako mag-18 kasi more responsibilities na, dapat maging lady-like ka na pero yung thought and feeling of takot nadisappeared. 412 more words


A Place that was Ours. Chapter Seven - Entertaining Maberley

Once upon a very long time ago when names like Stanley Matthews and Billy Wright reigned supreme in the English League, Casterley Town was a successful football club.  3,619 more words

The Most Ancient Livelihood

Yeah, you know it. Prostitution. For some reason, people still revile whores. In this day and age, where consent is taken, taken back, and even seized, the appeal of prostitution is significant. 185 more words