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A Revisit to the Origin and Authorities

Stories set in modern times are undoubtedly going to come in contact with some sort of authority. In some cases you can limit the official input and continue on your merry way. 446 more words



D. Paul Angel
868 Words

Claire walked up to Bruce as he was pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Have you lost weight, Bruce?” she asked, looking him over as she grabbed some coffee for herself. 865 more words


Big Thank You!

This post is probably a bit late, but I’d just like to thank everyone who sent me their birthday greetings, regardless if we’re real life friends or if you just saw on Facebook that it was my special day. 547 more words

Legal Issues relating to Ofcom

While researching and preparing my package, I have had to make sure that I didn’t breach any of the Ofcom rules and regulations. For this, I decided to look at Ofcom’s, The Code. 257 more words

Legal Issues (The Code of Ofcom)

The Code is set out in terms of principles, meanings and rules and, for Sections Seven (Fairness) and Eight (Privacy), also includes a set of “practices to be followed” by broadcasters. 615 more words

An Unwarranted Gamble

To err is human, to forgive divine.

Everybody’s heard that saying before. And everybody knows that, when you’re talking about errors, there’s a good chance you’re talking about baseball. 997 more words

Friday Feature

Cheers to 18 Years!

Why, hello there, adulthood!

I’m glad and thankful to say that I had one of the most epic birthday celebrations ever, without wearing a sparkly dress, blowing a million candles on a big-ass cake, or dancing with a bunch of people who I mostly just barely liked. 752 more words