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What Is All This Nonsense About an 'Illegal' Nuclear Strike?

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, in the absence of other stimulation, media in the U.S. has obsessed over whether President Donald Trump will lob a nuclear warhead eastward. 428 more words

United Nations

በአገራችን የአስተዳደራዊ ድንጋጌ አወጣጥ ላይ የሚስተዋሉ የቋንቋ፣ የህትመት እና ተያያዥ ችግሮች

በህግ አውጭው የወጣ አንድ አዋጅ ስጋና ደም ለብሶ በተጨባጭ ተፈጻሚነት እንዲያገኝ ብዙውን ጊዜ ዝርዝር የአፈጻጸም መመሪያዎች ያስፈልጉታል፡፡ በኢትዮጵያ ያለውን ሁኔታ ያየን እንደሆነ አንድ የመንግስት ሰራተኛ በተወካዮች ም/ቤት ከሚወጣው አዋጅ ይልቅ በየጊዜው ስለሚደነገጉት መመሪያዎች የተለየ ቅርበትና እውቀት አለው፡፡ በእያንዳንዱ አስተዳደር መ/ቤት ውስጥ የመንግስት ስራ የሚሰራው ‘በህጉ መሰረት’ ሳይሆን ‘በመመሪያው መሰረት’ ስለመሆኑ እውነትነት ያለው ሀቅ ነው፡፡

More adults use marijuana in states where it is legal (Science Daily) BULLSHIT ALERT


Reading this would lead a naive reader to be horrified at the implications.  But, consider:  If the sky didn’t fall with 16% daily cannabis use, why would it at 19%?  50 more words


"A Revolution, a Breach of Law"

The 12th of November, 1918, was a Revolution, a breach of law, a breach of faith, against the Emperor as Emperor, and especially against him as the Sovereign of his countries   and at the same time a revolution against the Crownlands and the authorities of the Crownlands.

112 more words

Legality of Bitcoin & cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is a new technological innovation that has not yet been fully implemented into the legal framework of many countries across the globe. 1,553 more words


RSS Acting As Prosecutors?

Anyone involved in the industry of speed cameras will be aware of the activities of Road Safety Support Ltd (RSS). It provides expert advice, training and other support services to safety camera partnerships, police forces and local councils. 424 more words


Restoring legality in Catalonia is Spanish government priority: PM Rajoy

MADRID (Reuters) – One of the priorities for Spain’s government is restoring “normality and legality” in the wealthy northeastern region of Catalonia, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told parliament on Wednesday.