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On copyrights and conlangs

One would imagine that if someone invented a language for use in a creative work, that someone could retain copyrights to the use of the language, would he or she not? 726 more words


3 Day Celebration on my 18th Birthday

They say, every girls dream is to celebrate their legality in a grandest way for it only happens once in a blue moon. But as a girl like me, I don’t really like celebrating my debut in a luxurious way like wearing gowns and heart warming speeches. 326 more words


The Underground Black Stock Market

I invest money on the side casually, outside of my retirement accounts, because it’s fun and generally profitable. I buy and hold because I don’t have time for day trading. 544 more words


My Target Conundrum

Recently Target released a statement about their newest initiative to broaden their inclusivity of all those associated with their company, not just its employees but customers as well. 167 more words

Christian Living

When Transgenders Organise



An organisation, possibly the first, of transgenders, was recently established in Goa. If one carefully listened to the voices of the persons from the community, the issues were typical – difficult to get a house on rent, difficult to access hospitals and clinics, a dehumanizing gaze, harassment from the police, lack of decent job opportunities. 864 more words

Albertina Almeida

The Legacy of Muller v. Oregon

In 1903, the Supreme Court in Muller v. Oregon upheld an Oregon law that prevented women from working more than ten hours per day. Just a few years earlier, in  642 more words