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Beyond Judgement

For many, the idea of morality or moral philosophy is used as a carrot and a stick, a means with which to reward people who do good with praise, and to punish people who do badly with criticism. 893 more words


Speed Awareness Courses in Scotland

Scotland does not operate the cash generating system of speed awareness courses that functions in England and Wales. Despite our previous report last August that Police in Scotland had abandoned proposals to implement them, it now seems that they are likely to be introduced. 202 more words


No, You Cannot Really Be Morally Pro-Life and Politically Pro-Choice at the Same Time

…at least, not in a logically consistent manner. It could be a well meaning position, perhaps, but not a realistic one.

This is in response to a recent article that was making the rounds on social media. 4,976 more words


Shopping for Answers...

Like most Americans, I enjoy shopping.

To be honest with you, most times , I don’t really shop.

I buy.

I go to a business with a specific product or service in mind, I purchase it and then I’m outta there. 856 more words

Johnny On The Spot

Media a farce? A question on balancing Morality and Law

Few days ago, I came across a news headline stating “4 Arizona Women Convicted for Leaving Water for Migrants” in Times. It was an eye-catching heading. 373 more words


Old judge didn't solve old problems

I refer to the following article


“A former top Hong Kong judge has attacked the High Court’s decision to hear a challenge against mainland Chinese laws being enforced at a local high-speed rail terminus, saying the presiding judge was being cast as an “emperor” able to quash laws.” 2,032 more words