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Police in Scotland Abandon Plans for Speed Awareness Courses

According to a report in the Herald newspaper, police in Scotland have shelved plans to introduce speed awareness courses in the country like they operate in England. 222 more words


It isn't an issue of legality. It is an issue of morality. It makes me sad!

I’m not naming names here. John the Baptizer might. Jesus might.

I’ll just saying it isn’t an issue of legality. It is an issue of morality. 91 more words


Cannabis is medicine

Used in many culture’s for thousands of years, tens probably. For medical, spiritual and recreational use. As well as for artistic expression, freeing associations of the mind, or allowing the brain to calm, coping with epilepsy, migraines, depression and chronic pain conditions. 69 more words

The Goodness in Us

“She understood that God loves us and helps us not because we are good but because God is good.”(1) A few days ago, I read those words about Julian of Norwich, the 15th century writer and mystic and God placed it on my heart to share them with you in relation to the immigration battle being waged in the United States. 887 more words

Fear Not

The Wild West of Surrogacy

For most my life, I didn’t know traditional surrogacy was illegal in so many places. It’s not a topic of conversation that comes up unless I bring it up. 1,434 more words


The End of Child Marriage is Gaining Traction

Marriage is thought to be a sacred union between two consenting adults. However, in most of the country, you don’t necessarily have to be an adult. 363 more words


moral qualms

We live in different countries, different cultures, speak different languages, but the spirit of the time, the zeitgeist affects us all. When I think back to the 60s, I remember the strong feeling I had then, that people were reexamining their values, and that the world would never again be as it was before. 770 more words