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Marijuana's Cost

Recently I saw a news report stating that Oreos could be more addictive than cocaine. Even more recently I heard the statement repeated once again that marijuana is not addictive. 179 more words

Politics Monday

Smoking Pot Causes Irreversible Side Effects To The Decision Making Power Of The Brain

Marijuana refers to the dried plant materials from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa (including the stems, seeds, flowers and dried leaves). The plant contains mind altering, psychoactive compounds and is one of the most commonly used drugs in the United States. 306 more words


The House I Live In

I had high hopes for the documentary The House I Live In; it was highly rated on netflix and the topic- an examination of the “war on drugs-” seemed interesting enough. 574 more words

Social Observations

The War on Drugs: A Failed Experiment, by Paula Mallea ****

This is a dry read, but the content makes it worthwhile. Mallea has some important things to say, and it’s time to sit up and take notice. 931 more words

Black Rights

R.E.D.U (Reverse the Environment of Drugs and You) work in progress

R.E.D.U is the acronym for Reverse Environment Drugs and You. It in part is a testimonial of my life of drug usage, which awkwardly began in 1992. 480 more words

Do the United States and Mexico Really Want the Drug War to Succeed?

In many respects, the drug organizations operating in Mexico exemplify what “free enterprise” is about: developing and marketing a product that satisfies willing consumers. Their armed components make their competition deadlier than competitors in other industries, but their methods of operation duplicate those of legitimate corporations: they seek (or buy) government support, network a well-organized retail trade, and invest their profits in condominiums, the stock market, and high-visibility consumer items. 331 more words


Drugs and Liberty

Drugs are undoubtedly bad for our health and we could even make a case that recreational drug use is immoral. However this should have no bearing on whether drugs should be illegal or legal.  557 more words