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Marijuana Legalization in East Lansing More Symbolic than Substantial

Even though East Lansing’s recent legalization of marijuana use and possession captured public attention and social media buzz as a rallying point for supporters of marijuana reform, it appears things haven’t actually changed. 430 more words

East Lansing

Women in the World of Weed - Part 2

Last week I posted Part 1 where I first wrote on women in the cannabis industry. Following is my interview with the manager of one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in our part of Arizona. 941 more words

Collective Cure

Hi Guys

Im writing this blog because of the deep passion i have for cannabis and cannabis culture in general, not to mention the proven benefits treating numerous ailments, and the negative stigma dying off quite progressively i feel now is the time more than ever that we unite under reform with 32 states in the United States adopting at least some form of legalization wether medical or recreational. 83 more words

Cannabis Reform

Millennials and pot usage

With the recent elections, there has been a push for marijuana legalization. One thing that really stuck out to me in the G-Brief article, “ 104 more words


Some of my favorite new finds!

I’ve been searching all semester, seeking out hemp products that were accessible to students just like me. Here are some of my favorite finds so far, although there will be many more to come still! 39 more words

18 or 21 Makes Little Difference

Can the government just raise the age of adulthood to 21 if they are not going to treat 18 year olds like adults? I have less of a problem with everything being 21-because honestly 18 being the age of adult hood is completely arbitrary- but I do get annoyed when people have all the legal responsibilities of adulthood and few of the rights. 137 more words


Can You Get Fired for Smoking Legal Weed?

Let’s say you’re a person who smokes weed. Maybe you live in California, Massachusetts, Nevada, or Maine—one of the four states that legalized recreational marijuana this month, or the four others where it was already legal. 218 more words