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Which States Will Vote on the Legalization of Marijuana

This map shows states that are planning initiatives to try to legalize recreational marijuana

Vancouver Police Had To Apologize After Freaking Out Over Shatter

This is not a big story in itself. The story lies on police always exaggerating the dangers of illegal drugs without having a clue of what they are talking about.

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AirBnB For Weed

TravelTHC is a new AirBnB style service catering to vacationers that want to smoke weed on vacation while staying in a stranger’s home. This is a genius idea. 22 more words


Survival of The Highest

We thought about something new. Instead of posting a regular blog entry, we will publish some academic essays that are written by authors who contribute their knowledge to The Dark Side Of Happiness. 2,432 more words


Alaska Goes Coffee Shop Model

Finally! Alaska, one of the four adult-use cannabis states, decided to allow on site consumption areas. This means that there will be Amsterdam style coffee shops for weed. 25 more words


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Mark Thornton: Cannabis Legalization Starting to Advance Rapidly -

Anthony Wile: Hello, Mark. It’s been over a year since we last interviewed you. Give us an update on your recent work.

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Marijuana-legalization foes want to talk science

MONTPELIER – Law enforcement officials and others who oppose marijuana legalization want to ensure they’re not forgotten as legislators get back to work on a regulation bill this week. 573 more words