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Sanjay Gupta: It's Time For A Medical Marijuana Revolution

CNN: I see signs of a revolution everywhere.

I see it in the op-ed pages of the newspapers, and on the state ballots in nearly half the country. 255 more words


Genocide or Justified: The legalization of killing Indians in San Francisco

Before the news of gold in San Francisco spread throughout the world, Native American villages were scattered across the country side, living peacefully and prospering off of the land that they were entitled to. 227 more words

Legalisation of Marijuana, or not?

This post is the personal opinion of Elspeth Crawford. The Wellness coalition encourages personal opinion and links to other sites, to enable open discussion, but it does not endorse nor take responsibility for such opinions and information on other sites. 541 more words


The marijuana industry's battle against the IRS - by Tom Huddleston, Jr. APRIL 15, 2015, 5:00 PM EDT

Legalized marijuana sales are spreading across the U.S., but the industry’s businesses are facing steep federal tax bills thanks to a wrinkle in the tax code dating back to the 1980’s. 258 more words


Legalization of marijuana would not only help our economy, but save our environment!

How many of you have ever heard the outrageous myths about the “dangerous” drug they call marijuana? Whether it kills you and detierates your health, or makes you extremely “dumb” these have all been proven false. 610 more words

Supporters of legal marijuana: You are the majority

A majority of Americans think marijuana should be legal, according to a new poll, highlighting the rapid change from the stiff opposition of just a few years ago. 375 more words