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The Gambling Lesson For Marijuana

In 1931, during the Great Depression, Nevada was the state legislature had legalized casino gambling as a way to motivate their economy, generate new jobs, and attract more people to their region. 687 more words


Banh Mi Me Out Of Bed

     Who could have ever predicted in the wildest of hallucinogenic dreams that an ad hoc quasi-free-lance-part-time hanger-on formerly compensated in supplemental goods and services by the golden state of California to organize and unleash staid and proper nouns, inoffensive verbs, and no small surfeit of fucking adjectives, was unqualified to receive comprehensive medical insurance under an unjust capitalist law, and would be kicked to the wayward curb like a guttersnipe left holding a brown bag under duress? 1,340 more words


Banh Mi Me From A Cute Angle

     Appearances were not deceiving. International robots were coming to get me. Why else would I be running and hiding so hard? I had read the signs posted on the graves of dead words slaughtered by masses of numbers adding up. 1,175 more words


Banh Mi Me Back Up

     The full-bodied message of the massage was bracing. Don’t believe at perilous face value or at wholesale cost. You may be threatened by a pumpkin and get squashed by a mite. 1,152 more words


Giant Joint Taunts Hillary

The NYC anti-Drug War Crew took the Giant Joint down to Scranton, PA to a Hillary Clinton campaign stop. The Giant Joint spent most of it’s time next to the Hillary supporters waiting to get into the stadium. 112 more words

Paul Gilman

court tells doj back off from going after states that have okayed medical marijuana

even though the victory is not going to stop south dakotas own ag from still prosicuting the guys who tried to help the tribes get started to grow marijuna for medical purposes mostly so he can be governor . 161 more words

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