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I have experienced Cannabis Psychosis. I saw things that were not there but I believed that they really existed. I experienced events that did not happen.

That made it difficult to make smart decisions. Californians ought to be aware that it is possible to smoke too much dope. It took my smoking about a pound of Oregon Legal over a 7 month period for me to experience Psychosis. 921 more words

Kill the Bills

Lawmakers need to validate their existence. They often use their positions to inject their own personal views, agendas, and values into the process rather than *serving* their constituents and protecting their rights. 228 more words


Legalize Marijuana

Nearly 50% of Americans have tried marijuana at some point in their life. Under federal law, this makes nearly 50% of Americans criminals. This is, plainly, ridiculous. 554 more words

Criminal Justice Reform

Preckwinkle Supports Legalizing Marijuana In Illinois

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) —¬†State lawmakers heard an earful from both sides at a Monday hearing on legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle told lawmakers she supports legalization because, right now, law enforcement focuses a disproportionate amount of energy on pot smokers in black and brown communities. 193 more words


Youth and Cannabis: Ignoring the Warnings

Youth who smoke Marijuana usually do not want to acknowledge the dangers of smoking or using the drug. Yes, Marijuana is a drug, and those who are using Marijuana most of the time are not willing to admit that; and most youth in this situation will express they want it legalized.  597 more words