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It Looks Like Junk Mail, but It Isn't

The Post Office provides blue tubs to recycle junk mail.  I watch as other customers search through their mail segregating it into piles: bills, correspondence, solicitations, and “other.”  Sometimes the “other” category includes plain envelopes with no return address. 334 more words

Legalshield Associate Marketing Tips: Get More Leads, Sales and Signups Today - YouTube

If you’re a Legalshield associate or thinking of becoming one, the tips I share in this video will help you to generate more leads, sales, and signups. 9 more words

BIG Pharma

“Shortly after my beloved grandmother passed away, my Mom and my Uncle received a bill for $2,197.14 for a prescription drugs that were delivered, but, sadly, we lost my grandmother so quickly she never even opened the package. 142 more words

Family Legal Testimonial

New Vision Senior Group

On Tuesday, I was invited to speak to the New Vision Senior Group in Meeker, Ohio.  Twenty-nine wonderful folks who wanted to hear about estate planning. 665 more words

Make Money Easily and Get Paid Daily!

How to make money easily and daily!

Getting money these days can be challenging. Working 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week and barely earning enough to support you or your family. 615 more words