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Lead a Better Day

“Be a copy cat as long as you copy the right cat.” ~ Darnell Self


Lead a Better Day

“Know how to listen, and you will even learn from those who do not know how to talk.” ~ Author Unknown


Month End: July Snapshot

This month, my wife started her job. To be able to work in a job that you love, and get paid for it, it’s one of the great blessings in this life. 572 more words

Ask by LegalShield provides free access to answers for commonly asked legal questions.

Have you ever needed a quick answer to a #Legal question? With #AskbyLegalShield, you now have access to commonly asked legal questions right in your pocket, and it’s free! 6 more words

Month End: June Snapshot

This month, I’m so thankful for what God is doing in our lives. My wife had her first job interview since graduating college and she got the job she wanted. 397 more words

Get Legal Answers without Getting a bill from Attorney | Ask by LegalShield

Have you ever bean in situation where the Advice of the #Attorney would be useful but you are afraid to call because, it cost to much.!? 8 more words