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When people hear the word ‘lawyer’, they often assume the worst and start counting their loose change (in anticipation of a large expense).  Despite the bad rap that lawyers get, the truth is, they’re educated and hard-working professionals that look out for their clients’ best interests – much like your family doctor or handy man.  554 more words

Benefits Of Lawyers

LegalShield: Who Are We?

To understand who we are watch The LegalShield Mission. Then learn how becoming an Independent LegalShield Sales Associate offers YOU and others a Great Work Plan.

Identity Theft

The Case for Legal Services and ID Theft Benefits

You are invited to read this meaningful article from LegalShield’s “Live Company Press”: The Case for Legal Services and ID Theft Benefits

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Identity Theft

Tax Season: ID Theft and Fraud Warning!

Given it is tax season checkout this must read article from LegalShield on Tax Season ID Theft and Fraud Warning!

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What You Need to Know About Protective Orders

Are you having to deal with a protection order or you have any questions about a protection order. You should read this article from LegalShield – … 20 more words


4 Reasons To Prepare or Update Your Will Today

Many North Americans don’t take the time to do estate planning, much less get specific about how affairs should be handled once someone has passed away. 35 more words


Have You Been Part of a Data Breach Event

Have you been part of a data breach event? If you have answered yes you NEED to read this article from Legal Shield. Click Here… 17 more words