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Stopover in Legazpi City

After our overnight stay in Misibis Bay, we had to go back to Naga for the convention. But we wanted to go to Cagsawa Ruins first to get a better view of Mayon Volcano. 227 more words


DILG Family Welcomes Sec. Mar Roxas

LEGAZPI CITY — On April 24, 2015, Sec. Manuel A. Roxas II of the Department of the Interior and Local Government paid Albay Province a visit. 162 more words

On David Hume

Hume is considered to be one of the greatest empericist of his time because of his ground breaking ideas. his main work is the book ‘A Treatist of Human Nature’ for john lock simple and complex ideas have two qualities namely the primary and the secondary qualities but david hume put his attention on the secondary qualities, for Hume what we see around us is what it really is and nothing more. 1,806 more words

Aquinas Univeristy

Swinging By Naga and Albay At The Weekend!

Travelling is one of my favourite things in the world. I normally travel alone, or with a few friends, or sometimes with Ric. And when I do travel, my must-haves are my notebook, a good book, my mobile phone (of course), and my camera. 938 more words