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Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 14: Liberation of the Frontiers

In this episode, we learn why Scorched Earth tactics violate human rights, but that said all of this is over contested territories between two different systems of coercion. 130 more words


Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 13: When the Rain Comes

Here’s the song used in the scene where young Ulrich is running through the forest with young Vier.

I know very little about classical music, but I’m sure someone could use this information. 37 more words

Ryu Fujisaki Launches New Legend of the Galactic Heroes Manga

This year’s 44th issue of Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine is announcing that Ryu Fujisaki will launch a new Legend of the Galactic Heroes manga in the magazine’s next issue, which Shueisha will publish on October 8, 2015. 69 more words


Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 12: Advance into Imperial Territory

This episode is about the political opportunism that comes with people trying to gain seats at the highest level of political authority, looking back there’s a few more things I should’ve talked about, but this episode was already almost the length of the actual episode so it’s whatever, if you have a comment feel free to leave one below! 44 more words

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 11: The Actress Exits

I talk about some comments in this episode. I don’t think this episode was up to par.

It was strange because when I first watched this episode a few weeks ago it was a lot more interesting, but on this watch-through it was kind of meh, even though I do think this episode’s set-up is kind of funny, although it’s mostly a woman’s jealousy gets exploited by another noble who hates Reinhardt. 22 more words

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Review

It’s easy to describe Legend of the Galactic Heroes (LoGH) as a typical space epic, but LoGH is much more than a simple space opera. LoGH aspires to discuss ideas about government, military, religion and philosophy, making LoGH sophisticated and dense while still having the classic drama associated with space epics. 1,138 more words


Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 10: Jessica's Battle

In this episode I mumble through the episode where Yang returns to Thernusen, the place where his old military academy was, and he encounters Jessica Edwards and struggles with survivors guilt, especially when thinking through his relationship with Jessica and his best friend Jean Robert Lap. 47 more words