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Democracy and Freedom of the Speech Go Hand-in-Hand

In an environment where a celebrity-turned-politican can rouse up support through anger and vitriol, I think it is only natural to be wary of how people use speech. 496 more words


Pages Cels Stories: Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Part 2)

Yang—having never held the slightest intention of becoming a soldier, having aspired instead to the life of a historian—had learned through his studies that no matter how powerful a nation may be, it will eventually collapse without fail: that no matter how great the hero, after gaining power there also comes a fall. 4,227 more words


Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Dawn

This is the first in the series of 10 Novels written by Yoshiki Tanaka that tells the history of two genius military tacticians on opposite sides of a Galactic space War between humans in the distant future where humanity lives on far off planets and Earth is but a memory. 503 more words

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Light Novel Releases -- July & August 2016

How was everyone’s summer? I hope you all had a good time reading light novels. I haven’t been keeping up with all the posts I’ve wanted to publish here, but I think it will be easier now that things have settled a bit with my move back to Japan and wrapping up the summer reading program, etc. 1,691 more words


Reccomendation: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is an oddball in terms of its actual existence.

This is a series of novels that’s being released on amazon, with twelve separate volumes making up the whole of the series. 755 more words


Legend of the Galactic Heroes Novel 2: Ambition—The Tale of Two Rebellions

 If it were not obvious from the first Legend of the Galactic Heroes novel it should be painfully apparent that Yoshiki Tanaka is dedicated to having the lives of  1,833 more words