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Ocarina Of Time Coming To Wii U eShop In Europe Next Week

The Legend Of Zelda; Ocarina Of Time will finally make it’s debut in the Wii U eShop on July 2nd this year. please note that this is the original N64  version and not the 3DS, though that would have be a lot more aesthetically pleasing especially from a graphical point of view when playing on large HD screens. 87 more words


Legend Of Zelda Outfits For Yoshi's Woolly World

Yoshi’s Woolly World has a lot going for it with plenty of gameplay, challenges and most of all, the various outfits that you can customize your Yoshi with. 50 more words


The Dark Ruler Has Arrived!!!

The Dark Ruler Of Hyrule, Ganondorf, Has Finally Arrived In Europe! The Wave Five Amiibo Range Is Available To Buy Today (26th June). So If You Are Looking To Pick Up The King Of The Gerudo. 12 more words


Another One Bites the Dust

Finally!  I’ve finally defeated Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on the 3DS!

It has taken me 4 months and 10 days… okay, well I guess in reality that’s not that long considering I played it off and on.   165 more words


Hey! Listen!

Not long ago (well actaully it was) I asked you guys to choose, from a list, a new game for me to start doing walkthroughs. The result was Legend of Zelda, some were more specific on which Zelda game I should play but I chose to do Ocarina of Time. 71 more words


Retro is the way forward

So, I just got my N64 back from the parents, after years of it being left in a loft (I know, I was crying for it too). 373 more words

Metal Gear Solid

"Well Excuse Me Princess" Makes a Comeback!

Still buzzing with latest Hyrule Warriors news and Classic Costume, I can’t help but be struck with déjà vu, surely I’m not the only one  to have noticed that our Hero doesn’t just look like a previous incarnation because of the uniform, but looks like a dead ringer for the vocal Hero from the actual animated series? 13 more words

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