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Possible Jersey Devil Sighting Captured On Camera

With Halloween just around the corner, a recent photo taken by a New Jersey resident is going viral.

The controversy is whether or not the image depicts what appears to be a flying llama, otherwise called by locals as the Jersey Devil. 132 more words


A Brief History of the Unicorn

In a centuries long case of mistaken identity, we’ve finally rounded up another suspect. The June 11 discovery of a one-year-old, one-horned deer may put Bambi in the company of the rhinoceros, the narwhal and the oryx as creatures who spawned the enduring myth of the unicorn. 971 more words

Science & Study

Commander League Fall 2015

The league is three months long. September through November.

There is a one time $10 entry fee.  When you sign up and pay your fee you choose your commander for the league. 477 more words

Magic The Gathering

Monster Month #27- Thunderbird

The beating of their wings throw together the clouds, and make the thunder.


The Jersey Devil is LEGENDARY

The August issue of Jersey Devil Press is our special “Legendary Creatures” issue, and gang, it lives up to the name!

Never mind that we have classics like a Sasquatch and a mermaid and a Skunk Ape and a Gorgon and a Green Man and more than one dragon. 245 more words


The way of the sword

In 1876, the emperor of japan banned samurai from wearing swords. The final Temple Bell had tolled for the samurai. There was no place for them in this world. 954 more words

Magic The Gathering

Me and my brother are getting back into Magic. 

(seriously we’re going to print this out and play it – just gotta hope I can get some spaghetti mana.)