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Monster Month #27- Thunderbird

The beating of their wings throw together the clouds, and make the thunder.


The Jersey Devil is LEGENDARY

The August issue of Jersey Devil Press is our special “Legendary Creatures” issue, and gang, it lives up to the name!

Never mind that we have classics like a Sasquatch and a mermaid and a Skunk Ape and a Gorgon and a Green Man and more than one dragon. 245 more words


The way of the sword

In 1876, the emperor of japan banned samurai from wearing swords. The final Temple Bell had tolled for the samurai. There was no place for them in this world. 954 more words

Magic The Gathering

Me and my brother are getting back into Magic. 

(seriously we’re going to print this out and play it – just gotta hope I can get some spaghetti mana.)


The Common Problem

I was significantly dissatisfied with how the legendary commons were working in this set. That didn’t bode well for the two cycles I had planned for the two following sets. 311 more words


What the Countdown meant

Hey everyone. It’s me, Deven Luca. As you’ve seen there is a countdown on the left of this post and some of you might be curious by what’s up. 85 more words

Deven Luca

Daily Mythological Creature: Jörmungandr

A snake that holds up the world by coiling around it and biting its tail. The Norse are a weird people…

Short Bio

In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr is a sea serpent and the middle child of the giantess Angrbooa and Loki. 309 more words

Deven Luca