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Legendre Differential Equation(#4) : A friendly introduction

When you are working with Spherical harmonics, then the Legendre Differential Equation does not appear in its natural form i.e

Instead, it appears in this form: … 93 more words


Legendre Differential Equation(#3): A friendly introduction

This post is just a note on the notation that is used across internet sources and books while referring to the LDE.

If one takes , then it follows that . 58 more words


Sums of Squares and Density

Lagrange’s Four Square Theorem (Lagrange, 1770) is the well-known result that every positive integer can be written as the sum of four integer squares. This was strengthened by Legendre’s 1797-1798 proof of the similar-sounding… 1,275 more words

Analytic Number Theory