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On Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Every day when I came home from school, I really looked forward to watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It was such a weird and hilarious show, much needed after a long day of school, like I have been used to. 970 more words

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Watch Some Kids Wreck the "Legends of the Hidden Temple" Temple Run

That chick Annie got absolutely screwed. Like three seconds into the run some jackass Temple Guard was there to scare her shitless, and then she ran into another one a few rooms later. 218 more words

Legends of the Hidden Temple

I just wanted to rage a little bit and I decided to write about one of my favourite all-time tv shows: Legends of the hidden temple. 1,507 more words


a 90s kid reminisces.

Windbreakers. Nintendo 64. Ribbon Dancers. Walkmans. Fanny Packs. Aladdin. Squeeze Its. Pogs. Blockbuster. Trampolines. These took you back, right? Were you a Mario-Kart-er or a Donkey Kong-er? 725 more words

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The Legends Of The Hidden Temple TV Movie Is Coming!

The Legends of the Hidden Temple is back, but this time, it’s a TV movie! Maybe now, we’ll get to see what the actual legend of the hidden temple is! 55 more words