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The Means pt 8

The Qiraash named Xire was very good at his work. It took him mere minutes to create composites of the five mercenaries and begin crafting new identities for them. 1,503 more words

Canon Galaxy


Well, although I was greatly entertained by this novel and the slow reasons behind it. Such as the life of Hild who is rarely mentioned and can be left up to debate. 214 more words


Myths And Legends Of China RTF

A myth is a traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people. 552 more words



Photo from BDF Jade

What is a Werewolf?

According to Wikipedia, a werewolf or occasionally lycanthrope is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to… 1,288 more words


Legends of Tomorrow is still TV’s weirdest, greatest superhero show

(Source: www.vox.com)

Last year, I made a case for Legends of Tomorrow being the weirdest, and therefore greatest, superhero TV show out there, and hoo boy, did I undersell it. 1,321 more words





It rises like a ziggurat in the desert.
Torn by the wind;
shattered by the elements;
stabbed by knives of ice;
blasted by the heat… 58 more words


Yokai Wednesdays (Every 2 Wednesdays)

Konichiwa, everyone! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more fascinating yokai. Now, let’s go on a journey to the “Land of the Rising Sun”! 100 more words