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Leggings - The Leg Accessory

Your Second Skin…

They’re all the rage.  The trend that has touched every decade since the 50’s and hasn’t really stopped.  The seemingly safe option to pants, but not pants, the legging comes in an array of colors, patterns, textures and fabrics.   427 more words

Leg Accessory

Falling For Fall: My Favorite Fall Pieces

This is my first blog post! I am going to open it up with a themed post. Since I am obsessed with everything that has to do with Fall, I decided to make my first post Fall themed. 399 more words

2016: My Year Without Pants -I Miss Pants Redux

If you recall, or if you click here, you’ll remember that I missed pants many months ago. Well as the weather (in theory) gets cooler, I’m starting to miss my jeans again. 194 more words

Personal Essay

Laundry Room Love

I struggle really hard with doing the laundry when my husband is away. He is the one who always does the laundry (if he’s here) He does it, folds it, puts it away. 368 more words

Day Leather Leggings

Colour- One Colour

Size – Small / Medium


Total length: 94cm

Waist: 31cm (elastic bending)

Hips: 37cm

Thighs : 21cm


Total Length: 95cm… 43 more words


Styling The Bump.

Before I share a few of my tips for styling the bump, I want to put out there that I am really not big on “maternity fashion” because let’s be honest, most of it -from what I’ve seen anyway- really isn’t all that cute. 536 more words


Fall Designing

Fall season is upon us and I haven’t designed a single thing for it.

So I’m starting with some easy patters and I’m going to work my way to more detailed drawings. 9 more words