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Workout Wear Morning.

Even though it goes against everything I stand for as a human I have joined a gym.

Under the advice of my physiotherapist I have been going to the gym for around 4 weeks now, gym on Monday and Thursday and pool then Aquafit on Wednesday, (I have to be rigid in routine when it comes to something I don’t want to do or I definitely wont do it) and despite myself I’m actually sort of starting to enjoy it…a bit. 528 more words

How To Talk Like A Cowgirl

One of the great extras of writing is that you meet other writers & artists making and doing wonderful creative things. I have enjoyed meeting so many of you, thanks for engaging with me – here is a blog I’m enjoying following: … 8 more words

Day 90: Habits

Thank you. It’s really important that I start today’s blog by saying thank you, whomever you might be taking time out of your day to listen to my ramblings. 894 more words

Today I'm a BENETTON 's girl 👈

E oggi va così, qui a Chieti fa freddo ma c’è il Sole🌞, ed invece lì a casa in Puglia c’è neve❄; questo tempo sembra non volerci dare tregua, sembra proprio che voglia dimostrarci quanto ” Marzo pazzerello, apri e chiudi l’ombrello” … Tra questi sbalzi termici il raffreddore è dietro l’angolo quindi meglio farsi una scorta di frutta ricca di vitamina C 🍊; io per fortuna non mi sono ancora ammalata (speriamo non me lo stia chiamando addosso) 😆. 81 more words



Una de nuestras prendas favoritas por su comodidad y versatilidad ¡son los leggins! 👯

Esta prenda es ideal para esos días en los que buscas lucir casual sin tanta formalidad, recuerda que… 269 more words

Moda | Tendencias

What to wear when you work from home

These days, as you know, or maybe you don’t know, I have a very short commute to the office.  Sometimes I even go in wearing my pajamas, if there’s an early meeting, and only change into everyday clothes after lunch…… yeah, I know…. 224 more words