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A reality check and then some good news for myself.

Hey guys,

SO I stayed away for a few months for this internship which I was doing and I found out that I have an actual eating disorder. 359 more words


Well , where does one begin. Where does one really start writing when one plans to write. That’s the real question.

I wish I could tell myself why I’m doing this instead of my work. 447 more words

Hot wheel drive

It goes fast
Green wheel is a trophy
Fire comes out the back to make it go speedy


Choo Choo

It’s not a train its a space ship

It only have one space for a robot who doesn’t have legs or arms.

It’s for going to the moon.


Space ship

Fire on the bottom to blast it into space



This plane drops water on fire.. carries 100

It dives under the water to grab as match water as it can.. then it flies and drops water on the fire



Carries people around
It can carry a hundred – like a bus
It goes slow