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Jedi or Sith ?!

Ayeeeeeeee – So years from this day on I would have never thought that I would like Star Wars. Yep – I was strictly… 254 more words


Just getting started

Ayeeeeeee – Congratulations to myself for finally making a Blog. I’ve been wanted to start a Blog a long time ago but you know things always came between. 117 more words


Preparing for the next Weekend Tournament

Well Drench and every other team from NSW and ACT has Easterns in two weeks. So I thought I’d give a bit of insight into preparing yourself and your team for the next tournament.¬† 343 more words


DISCLOSURE: Wordpress and I are not responsible for anything...

Dear Users of the internet, and those unfortunate people that have ended up on this blog

You are going to hear my thoughts on almost everything that exists in this world. 350 more words

Best Blog Ever...

Love to hate, hate to love (part 2)

Comfort food. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. ;)

nom nom nom


From tomorrow: no coke/ juice or soft drink of any kind. No excessive sweets. Healthy snacks. No fried food unless I don’t have any other choice. 16 more words

Prologue: Adventure

As the the stars roll in declaring an end to the day, the summer, and an era, Shana guides me to the edge of the dock. 376 more words