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Ancient writing discovered at castle linked to King Arthur

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Federal Requirements on Private Health Insurance Plans

Federal Requirements on Private Health Insurance Plans. Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress. Annie L. Mach, Bernadette Fernandez. May 1, 2018

 A majority of Americans have health insurance from the private health insurance (PHI) market. 162 more words

United States

Juneteenth -- June 19th -- Freedom Day

Today is a holiday that often isn’t celebrated, and unfortunately is not well-known. Today is Juneteenth. This is the day that the last slaves were legally freed in the United States in 1865. 673 more words


California Advances Biggest US Change To Police Use Of Force

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California would lead the U.S. in significantly changing the standard for when police can fire their weapons under legislation that cleared its first hurdle Tuesday after an emotionally charged debate over deadly shootings that have roiled the country. 543 more words


President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Federation of Independent Business...

Earlier today President Donald Trump delivered remarks to the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business).

Rumor Has It New Drug Legislation Is About To Hit

Rumor has it that there will be new legislation submitted for all government officials, including people at Congress and Presidential levels, to be tested ongoing twice a year for drug usage and investigated if found to be under the influence of illegal drugs. 83 more words

Full Court Press on Illegal Immigrants Has Schools, Children Living in Fear

There is a large group of students who are very happy and relieved that school is ending… and a large number of school officials who are equally happy and relieved. 503 more words