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I’ve had a pool going for a couple of years now as to whether Georgia would first recognize gay marriage (aka “marriage”) or legalize cannabis.

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New law proposed for guide dogs in B.C.

The provincial government tabled new legislation that, if passed, would see guide dogs in training gain the same legal rights as certified guide dogs.


The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board comes out in favor of scrapping the DUI 30 day hard time rule

Last week, I posted a blog post about a pending bill in the Illinois legislature that would end the 30 day hard time rule which prevents first time DUI offenders from getting a driving permit until they have served 30 days of their statutory summary suspension. 605 more words


Vaping and e-cig regulation bill stalls

Bogged down in government paperwork isn’t helping local Arkansas vape business’. Even the American Heart Association is against the bill. The bill as written would increase costs for shop owners, which would then be passed on to local vapers. 29 more words


Vendors Are Advocating For A Child-Proof Ban On Ecigs

Bills across the country are being introduced at an alarming rate mandating child-resistant packaging, which would have a significantly negative effect on vendors if passed. This could be even more problematic if, according to AVA (American Vaping Association) president Gregory Conley, “vendors introduce their own legislation which could potentially create more problems than they solve”. 603 more words


RFRA and using words as weapons | By Senator Karen Tallian

Unusual, but I want to start by talking about guns. Each day in the Senate, I know that a few of my colleagues are sporting holstered guns under their suit jackets. 362 more words


Blocking of Forest Code threatens forests and local communities in Romania

President Klaus Iohannis signed recently the request to re-examine the law that modifies and supplements law 46/2008 – the Forest Code, on account that it limits economic activity… 159 more words