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October Legislation Update

Charles Kushell

Legislative Update

“Maybe all the legislators/regulators/bored children currently in power around the country are staying home glued to their TV’s enthralled by our democratic process, but it’s been a pretty quiet month in legal-landia, to paraphrase the recently retired Garrison Keillor. 525 more words

Catch All

Will Tsai live up to her campaign promise on marriage equality?

Earlier this week, legislators proposed a bill that would make the language on marriage in the Civil Code gender neutral. President Tsai – whose Ministry of Justice has refused to support marriage equality and has instead proposed the idea of… 75 more words

Province introduces legislation to define "privatization"

New legislation has been introduced that will provide a legal definition for the word “privatization”.

The aim is to have privatization defined as, in relation to Crown corporations, the transfer to the private sector of all or of the assets, transfer of operational control, or transfer of a controlling interest of the Crown corporation. 295 more words


ObamaCare Architect Admits "Law Working as Designed" - Wants "Bigger Mandate Penalty"...

Exactly as we shared three days ago the design of ObamaCare is to collapse the healthcare system in cost increases.  Today, ObamaCare key architect admits the law is working as designed, and incredibly admits his desire to see a larger “mandate penalty” enforced: 562 more words

Combined Efforts Lead Egypt Church Out from Under Rickety Rooftop

By Carl Stagner

Things are changing for the better in Egypt. Recent legislation has relaxed laws that formerly constricted the ability of churches to build or renovate. 807 more words

All Church Of God

When does a protest go too far?

Arrested, strip searched and sentenced to two years in prison. You wouldn’t expect this sort of  treatment just because you peacefully prayed inside an office, would you? 986 more words