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More Evidence of Charter Schools Slow Steady Strangulation...

Education Opportunity Network blogger Jeff Bryant profiles two States recent experience with charter schools and how they have gained an extreme advantage over public schools in their respective states: Florida and— you guessed it— Pennsylvania! 528 more words

Mississippi Superintendent's Loss of State Funding Complicated Story with Roots in Governance

An AP story the was the basis for a post by Diane Ravitch about the Superintendents in that state losing their funding describes three actions by the Mississippi State legislature: an act of vengeance; an act that undercut an effort to require the state to provide adequate funds for public schools; and an act to change the states local governance arrangement. 933 more words

Candidate Donald Trump Attends DC Rolling Thunder Rally - Pictures and Video...

Perhaps many have forgotten. In 2013 a progressive group of leftists began organizing a Million Muslim march on Washington DC scheduled for September 11th 2013. 218 more words

The Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill: A larger perspective on archaeology and Egyptology

Today ‘Egyptology in the 21st Century’ changed its name to ‘Archaeology and Egyptology in the 21st Century’. This name change  reflects my continuing interest in archaeology beyond the Nile valley, my history with UK archaeology where I worked and volunteered for so long, and my upcoming work at the ancient Greek site of Olynthos. 822 more words


Bill Passed By Michigan Senate Would Make Coerced Abortion A Crime

LANSING (AP) – Coercing a woman to have an abortion would be a misdemeanor in Michigan, under a bill on its way to Gov. Rick Snyder. 312 more words


Kansas Funding Redux: More Money Needed--- Not More Smoke and Mirrors

The NYTimes reported today that the Kansas Supreme Court has determined that the KS legislature’s latest gambit, the issuance of block grants instead of fully funding of the equalization formula, remains unconstitutional. 116 more words

Louisiana adds police protections to hate-crime laws

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana has become the first state in the nation to expand its hate-crime laws to protect police, firefighters and emergency medical crews. 453 more words