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Canada: Proclamation of the Homeopathy Act 2007

According to its publication  in the Ontario Gazette of 14th March 2015, eventual government approval has lead to the announcement of the proclamation of the Homeopathy Act, 2007. 68 more words


My Thoughts On The 2015 State Of The State Address / Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Strikedown

So, Tuesday night was crazy across Alabama.  First, we got to see Governor Bentley deliver the State of the State Address.  And, well let’s talk about that first.   1,167 more words

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Talking About Legislature Limiting The Media, Greedy Vets, And FiveThirtyEight

So, this post will talk about three different things.  I mean, there are quite a few things happening in Alabama, a lot of them corrupt and wrong!   1,269 more words

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Serve on a Board or Commission

Serving on a board or commission is a great way to utilize your talents. We hope you will consider volunteering your time with us and encourage you to browse the openings regularly for opportunities that would best utilize your experience and knowledge.  80 more words

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Watch The PBS Newshour Report About The Alabama Redistricting Supreme Court Case

Lots of geeks and nerds like to follow what happens in the US Supreme Court.  And on Wednesday, Alabama was featured inside the court again.  The case is about district redistricting in the state for state house and senate seats.   170 more words


Statement on dismissal of voting rights lawsuit

Case: Lathers et al. v. Abercrombie et al.

Every day, the ACLU works to defend and protect civil rights, including the right to vote.  Every person’s vote is important, and every person who wants to vote should to be able to do so.  109 more words

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Regulation of homeopathy passes in Belgium - but there's a catch !

Legislation has passed to regulate the practice of homeopathy in Belgium!

The catch is that only persons qualified as doctors, dentists or midwives,

may from now practise homeopathy . 42 more words