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Political parties are often too convenient an explanation

Teagan Goddard asked the question, can politics be “unbundled” from political parties? In other words, if there is a market where we can unbundle phone and internet service, why isn’t there a market to unbundle politics from parties? 834 more words

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April 30, 2015. Pablo Pinto (UH)

Heeding to the Losers from Trade. Evidence from Legislators’ Trade Policy Preferences and Legislative Behavior

Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall 310, 1:00 PM.

Using roll call vote to a salient trade bill and a survey experiment of legislators in the same Argentine Congress we are able to examine the link between policy preferences and outcomes. 57 more words


The budget rule is uncommon but (small ‘d’) democratic

The House budget proposal is being brought to the floor under an uncommon rule called the queen-of-the-hill. It’s being framed as quirky, odd and, at times, a signal of Republican dysfunction. 454 more words

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House process quick hit: Overthrowing the Speaker.

As rumors swirl and fade about Boehner’s removal from the speakership, it’s a good time to clarify a few things about House process and its history. 448 more words

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Quick process hit: Senate will vote on a clean DHS bill. Why that looked likely last Monday.

Today Senate Republicans are moving forward on the inevitable. They will vote on a clean DHS funding bill with no immigration riders attached. With time running out they struck a deal with Democrats, which Minority Leader Harry Reid… 307 more words

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Democrats gained even more power in the DHS/immigration debate, and it happened last week

It’s well known that any Republican attempt to reverse Obama’s executive action would be an uphill battle. Because any congressional response required a legislative fix, Republicans face a likely insurmountable veto, even if they managed to overcome a filibuster in the Senate. 457 more words

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Flaws in shutdown logic: It is different this time.

Republicans’ flirtation with a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security intensified over the weekend. Boehner appears entrenched and suggested Sunday that a shutdown is… 612 more words

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