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Take Action Now to Get Ahead of Runaway Health Care Costs 

By Lynne Ide

Last week the state Senate voted 30-5 to pass a bill that takes a huge step to reign in runaway health care costs and protect patients. 273 more words


MSCF Legislative Update – May 20, 2015

From MSCF Government Relations Chair Rick Nelson:

The 2015 legislative session is at an end, but it appears a special session will be called by Gov.

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Legislature nears agreement on MnSCU budget request

From MSCF Government Relations Chair Rick Nelson:

Higher education target reached

The higher education conference committee met yesterday to take testimony on the provisions in the Senate and House higher education bills.

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May Sawbuck


Thank you for your membership in the MSCF Sawbuck Club. As you know, Sawbuck Club members commit to sending a $10 check each month to a legislator or legislative candidate committed to public higher education and our collective bargaining rights. 509 more words


Highway Trust Fund: Here We Are Again

Remember our blog last August addressing the urgent need for Congress to reach a consensus on long-term funding for the Highway Trust Fund? In the few remaining moments prior to their recess last summer, Congress passed a $10.8 billion fix to keep the HTF alive through May 2015, but now the May 31st deadline is fast approaching, and history repeats itself as insolvency looms again. 625 more words

Connecticut Should Authorize Shared Solar and Determine the Value of Clean Energy

Media coverage of the burgeoning solar market—and subsequent utility backlash—has focused on states with abundant sunshine, where tensions between these forces are most evident. 467 more words

Climate Change & Adaptation

A minute to send the message below can make a difference

From MSCF Governmental Relations Chair Rick Nelson:

Please contact the legislators below with an email. Verbiage to cut and paste (make sure to change the name) is below.

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