Mix up Lego Moc: The Lich Dragon's Horde

Okay this moc is a mix of Lego, Kreo, and Mega Blocks. I use what I have and most of the Legos are my hubby’s. 104 more words


Lisa Lego Moc: Dark guardian

Yeah one more moc that I have done. The photo did not come out all that well in this one sadly. This is a dark elf who works are a guardian for the Blue Wizard in my earlier moc.

Lisa Lego Mocs: House of Windows

All are welcome at Glass House but beware if you bring evil within your heart for Angels protect the innocent.

Lisa Lego Mocs: Southside Vet Clinic

I had a fun time trying to build this one from extra parts. The camption kinda say is call

“Here at the Southside pop up vet clinic we will spay or nueter any pet you bring in for one low cost. 41 more words

Lisa Lego Moc: The men of the Watch

Okay so the soldiers here are from the Kreo line of figures. They are still a part of my moc story. They are the men of the Watch. 27 more words


Lisa Lego Moc: So there are these thugs?

Just another little moc. These little builds are fun to do and inspired by the minifigs that are in my collection. I saw these three guys and immediately a story appeared in my head. 56 more words

Lisa Lego Moc: The meeting of two minds

One of my one off Mocs. Not the best but interesting. Think of two demons having a little conversation on just what we don’t know.