Lego Ideas - August Pick

When I’m not MOCing, one of my favourite Lego related things to do is to scroll through Lego Ideas.  Lego Ideas allows FOL’s to submit their ideas for new sets – the public can support their favourite ones, and once a project receives 10,000 it will go forward for review by the Lego Review Board If you haven’t checked it out yet you should – the level of imagination and design that some FOL’s have is inspirational. 165 more words


Lego Blog: Illustrating Flash Pulp episode FP0015

Spaceship, spaceship, spaceship!

Knowing that there is a science fiction thread hidden away in the Flash Pulp universe has been tweaking my Lego gland for a while. 904 more words

Flash Fiction

Jason the Iron Golem.

According to Jason the Iron Golem… everyone needs a hug!

But not everyone agrees…


Lego Blog: Illustrating Flash Pulp episode FP0014

Delays, Delays and Lazing

I’ve had a tiny bit of a Lego brain drought since finishing this build off, and I think it’s because I hadn’t  641 more words

Flash Fiction

A couple more from May 2015 - PJs and Dumbbell

I’d like to think I could lift that dumbbell, but I am not too sure.

Lego MOC