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Lisa Lego Moc: The men of the Watch

Okay so the soldiers here are from the Kreo line of figures. They are still a part of my moc story. They are the men of the Watch. 27 more words


Lisa Lego Moc: So there are these thugs?

Just another little moc. These little builds are fun to do and inspired by the minifigs that are in my collection. I saw these three guys and immediately a story appeared in my head. 56 more words

Lisa Lego Moc: The meeting of two minds

One of my one off Mocs. Not the best but interesting. Think of two demons having a little conversation on just what we don’t know.

Lisa's Lego Moc: Confrontation

I spent a bit of time last night putting together some quickies. I didn’t fix my Wizard’s tower yet. So enjoy this confrontation between the Highwayman and the hot dog vendor.

Lisa Lego Moc day three..or here i show how bad I am at this

Okay the last two mocs were just fun little scenes. My Elf glad and the Orc gathering were simple right? So I decided we need a wizard and his two friends in his home/tower. 86 more words


Lisa's Lego Moc number two or see a theme here

And the second moc in my upcoming Lego/Kreo/Megablocks story. Yes I mixed up Lego, and Kreo in this one.  I have a lot of fantasy themed Kreos that need their story told after all. 21 more words


Lego Moc or the beginning of a story

Yup I dove in and made my first Lego moc or original build out of the stuff lying around in the Lego room. Yes we have a room we call the Lego room. 143 more words