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We came, we saw, we Lego'd 

I’m starting to ring fence time in the morning to support Nomi and Zoey with their interests, working towards it being project time (if it isn’t already). 160 more words


3- The Knights and the Tale of The Order

In their latest episode, Knights Frank Mitchell, Ryan Windess, Sean Coghlan and Ben Oliviera mount up to battle the mediocre reviews of The Order: 1886, pontificate over the possibility of seeing Spawn in a Mortal Kombat game, the validity of motion gaming controls, downloading old-school games on your phone, and they cap it off with what they’ve been playing as of late! 63 more words

Dying Light

Constructive Criticism

In my house, there are many lego’s.

There are lego’s in designated drawers. There are lego’s in the couch. There are lego’s on my headboard. There are lego’s in the pineapple shaped container that I use to put my spare change. 664 more words

LEGO-style - Inside the TARDIS

LEGO and Doctor Who fan Thorsten Bonsch aka Xenomurphy has built a way cool Doctor Who diorama!  Using LEGO bricks, Xenomurphy re-created the Doctor Who console control room from the TV series. 17 more words


LEGO adventures: Our Parisian Restaurant

Oh, LEGO. What a love affair we have had! Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing Lego with my little brother, and at Daycare- Figuring out plans, building, rebuilding and then tearing it all apart! 246 more words