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Lego Instant Camera shooting with expired films

So old camera should use old film. It makes a lot of sense, right? For my 100 years old Lego Instant Camera, I gonna use some “really old film” – Fuji Instax Mini film expired in Mar 2014. 277 more words


Remembering TRON the Movie, LEGO News & On Reboot

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Ever since the movie TRON graced the big screen, it’s become a cult phenomenon and there are no signs of it dying. 860 more words


Mortal Engines

There’s an arms-race going on in the SUV market at the moment, with small rich women continually trying to one-up each other in their quest for the largest and most pointless school-run vehicle. 111 more words


NCS' Wingèd Chariot

The Auriga-class heavy fighter is a transatmostpheric attack craft of the Galactic Federation. Named after the ancient Terrestrial constellation depicting a charioteer, one of the distinguishing visual identifiers of the Auriga is the pair of disclike force shield generators located aft. 339 more words



They will come rescue us soon
come down in their ships
take us up to the real world
the one we dreamed of
the one of empathy and love… 264 more words

Coincidence or Coverup? The Covert Celebrations in LEGO City, 2018

In which I postulate a trend of rebooting Classic LEGO Town vehicle sets in a year otherwise chock full of LEGO Celebrations. A conspiracy? A cover up? 1,763 more words


A Throwback Look at LEGO Pharoah's Quest!

Hey guys! Remember my Throwback Look at LEGO Atlantis? Today I’m doing one for another LEGO theme – Pharaoh’s Quest! I’m hoping to do more of these throwback posts so do let me know what you think of these types of posts! 480 more words