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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Is There Room For A Tuna Pantry?

I once lived in a tiny house – turned out it was a cardboard box my loving Earthling servants had saved from their latest Amazon delivery for my amusement. 69 more words


Life with boys - Eeeeevil Lego Edition

This is about as un-PC as it gets. Lego man with sombrero and eeeeeevil black rifle.

WHEN YOU GET BEHIND CLOSED DOORS... December 2016... An advent calendar in words.

And when you get behind closed doors… December 2016… An advent calendar in words.

December in our house is always fun especially as the holidays start with an advent calendar or two. 296 more words

A Year In Words...

2016 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Day 5 Bonus!

The Rebels better run here comes the Yeti!

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Stocking idea's (for children)

Hello you beautiful lot, welcome to-day 5’s blog. I’ve enjoyed planning all my blogs so I know what I’m going to do and on what day and that.Today’s blog is all about “Stocking idea’s for children). 154 more words

2016 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Day 5

It’s Star Wars LEGO Advent time. Today’s gift is a mini Hoth defense turret from The Empire Strikes Back. .