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How Batman Likes His Coffee

-“How do you like your coffee hun?”

-“Black. Like the night. And I drink dark roast only.”


This Human Lego Cosplay From ComicCon Is Captivating And Terrifying

Man’s reach, at times, exceeds his grasp. He is presented with a window through which he can stretch his arm outwards to the unknown, and by doing so, make it known. 239 more words


Women of NASA Get LEGO-sized Tribute | Popular Science

You can probably name a handful of astronauts and astrophysicists, most of them male. Throughout grade school, their names are repeated in history books: Buzz, Neil, Gus… what about the women who set many of these missions into motion? 606 more words

July at Adoption: The Bear Facts

I feel as though I start every monthly round-up by saying “it’s been a busy month” but, well, it has! Perpetual busyness or not, here are the best bits of July… 1,304 more words


The Imagination Station

Today I’m going to talk about one of my absolute favourite parts of being a Dad.  It’s when the Parenthood Express makes one of it’s many, many, … 1,095 more words