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Creative Lego idea: Sushi

This is sleek and creative idea! So much fun watching it. Therapeutic.


Day Three: Built a Lego Tiefighter

Although some might think it, I strongly believe that you can never be too old to play with Lego. The ability to create something new out of a bunch of oddly painful, colourful plastic blocks is something that I have always found rather entertaining and so when I walked past a toy store with a massive Lego Tiefighter display in the window; I decided I needed to own one. 590 more words


Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

“Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” An important line from the Star Wars movie by Princess Leia. Recently my daughter said Chewbacca is her favorite character but I could have sworn it was Princess Leia. 36 more words

Town Truckin'

You don’t have to build big to build well. Jakeof_‘s superb Volvo truck, complete with tipping trailer, is only 8 studs wide. Small in parts, big in realism. 19 more words


Lego Digital Designer

Using lego for concepting before starting in 3D. I think it works quite well.


Gadgets for disable ones.

Uploaded from NDTV.com

An IKO creative prosthetic system foundation try to innovate something new something which can help the disabled kids created by ” Carlos Torres ” a Colombian who invented the gadget for disabled kids made of ‘Lego’ for a 9 year kid who is disabled and got enough grades in school exams to go to university of Tokyo. 64 more words

Carlos Torres

Who is 5 today?

Memories are a tricky thing, never perfectly trustworthy & apt to change or fade over time. But I have good reason to clearly recall what I was doing today, five years ago; labor! 407 more words