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30 min shirt: Star Wars

ok so my daughter comes home from school yesterday talking about the movie night at her school tonight. Said they are watching Star Wars and she wanted to look like the princess because her friends were dressing up. 120 more words


Ganymede: TNG

The good thing about babies as that they grow up faster than you expect. That’s also one of the bad things about them.

I have to admit, though, that it’s been fascinating to watch my offspring mutate from wiggling, screaming little crap factories to walking, talking creatures with actual personalities of their own. 683 more words

Ganymede Legacy

I AM wonder...

…occasionally ;-)

I once wondered about the meaning of the future and the past and speed and distance and time etc.

I now understanding the meaning of such things, thus I decided to become curious for a while, so that I was sufficiently prepared in caution for what is an eventual inevitability. 90 more words


And Baby Makes Three... More.

There’s this thing called Hellin’s Law, which states that roughly 1 in 89 natural pregnancies will result in multiple births. According to Hellin’s Law, the odds of having more babies beyond two is another exponent of 89 for each additional baby. 413 more words

Ganymede Legacy

Baby Princess Leia Kids Costume Practical

A sexy witch is made of more than just a witch costume. She needs the accessories mentioned below:

?When feeling need for suitable baby carrier you must select one which fulfills your requirement. 348 more words

InfantToddler Princess Leia Star Wars Costume In

Other Halloween sexy costumes for girls and women include the GI girl costume, the saloon girl costume, sexy cheerleader costume, goddess of love costume, cruise ship cutie costume, adult Minnie mouse costume, prep schoolgirl costume, Japanese doll costume, sexy nurse costume, sexy flirty costume, American all-star baseball costume, gangster girl costume, chamber maid costume, sexy Indian girl costume, sexyDorothy costume, warrior… 283 more words