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Father's Dud?

Tomorrow is Father’s Day in my country, and I realize not everyone has had the kind of warm, wise, loving daddykins they can wax sentimental over. 100 more words


Book vs. Movie: Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi

It’s always interesting to compare how characters are portrayed in movies as opposed to novelizations. I did this a while back with Kylo Ren in… 1,331 more words

Kylo Ren

Thank The Maker: The Best Female Star Wars Character Face-Off

Based on the responses in the weekly poll, I have decided to title this show “Best Female Characters”. On this episode, I’ll have a face off to see which female character from Star Wars is the best. 127 more words


#MotivationMonday: Space Mom's Wisdom

by the Collectress

Since the 41st anniversary of Star Wars has just come and gone, Carrie Fisher has once again settled on my mind (okay so she’s always on my mind). 209 more words

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My Top Twenty Favorite Star Wars Characters

Just for clarification these characters are my favorites, not necessarily because they’re the best written or they go on the best journey (although that could one of the factors.) I might just like them because like nostalgia or because they’re adorable. 131 more words

Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy