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Year 2, Day 6

Horizon 7 returns home! Everyone poses for a nice landing shot, and the pod is collected.

Strangely, the crew posed with a Horizon 7 flag. Mission control would like to reassure everyone, Horizon 8 really did happen!

Horizon Missions

Year 2, Day 5

Just what ARE these arches? Do they serve some kind of purpose? Leia flies around the craft to take readings and get a good look. 44 more words

Horizon Missions

Artist Spotlight: Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes is a hugely popular artist, but mostly for his work outside Star Wars.  He’s particularly famous for drawing women in comics, doing a lot of work with Catwoman and Wonder Woman in particular.   428 more words

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Year 2, Day 3

Horizon 8 arrives at Mun! Orfen circularizes the orbit, and changes alignment to provide a good landing zone for the lander!

Orlan and Leia transfer to the Lander, and head down! 33 more words

Horizon Missions

Year 2, Day 2

Horizon 8 rolls out! This will be the first launch of the new year ! An entire year of carefully planned and successful spaceflights has proven that the Kerbin Republic has a success… and that if Kerbals work together they can accomplish anything! 27 more words

Horizon Missions

Communications 101: Command Flexibility in Star Wars: ARMADA

“Lieutenant!” “SIR!” “Instruct Engineering to divert power to re-engage our forward shields!” “But sir, I can’t – that command is two turns away!”

Every commander of a large ship such as a Star Destroyer or Assault Frigate has at some point found themselves in a situation like this: Your ship is in an uncomfortable position, and the command that you desperately need is buried deep in your stack. 2,942 more words

Star Wars

Artist Spotlight: Jerry VanderStelt

Jerry VanderStelt is a favorite of many fans.  His paintings are absolutely beautiful, with a stunning level of detail that you really won’t be able to appreciate through these images here.   458 more words

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