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Quick Shots with the Canon 50mm f/1.4 LTM - Leica M9

Tried to make the most out of an evening doctor’s appointment last night and grabbed the M9 and mounted the Canon 50mm f/1.4 LTM. The M9’s ISO capabilities fade off rapidly so it’s nice to have as much light as you can get through the lens. 103 more words


Leica Q type 116

So people have been waiting of the Leica Q type 116. We just got our hands on a couple of them. We have them for sell in store and online. 924 more words


Firehose at Dawn

Taken on the Isles of Shoals back in 1997 using my Leica M6 and Fuji Velvia (sorry, no lens details but I suspect the 50mm Summicron f2) and I have just gotten around to scanning it. 40 more words


Chapel on Isles of Shoals

In the past I have spent a couple of wonderful weekends with the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists on their annual ‘retreat’ to the Isles of Shoals just off the coast of New Hampshire near Portsmouth NH. 71 more words


The Leica 75mm Summarit in Photos

It occurred to me last night that I wrote about this great little lens, but failed to included any photos of it mounted to the M9. 21 more words


A Frequently Overlooked Lens - Leica's 75mm Summarit

(There is an update to this post with a series of photos of the 75mm Summarit mounted to the M9.)

Leica has numerous lenses that I would love to own that I will never be able to afford. 429 more words


Premiere and review: The 2015 Leica SL (Typ 601) and lenses

Minimalist Leica with a hint of several other cameras’ DNA. Doesn’t look that big, does it?

What would you get if you crossed a Q… 3,442 more words