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State of Independence X

While the independence related protests continue in Barcelona, their number and attendance is very much reduced. This is a short set of film images taken at night at a protest in support of the politicians and independence group leaders currently on remand in Madrid following their unilateral declaration of Catalan independence. 588 more words


State of Independence IX

More independence movement images from Barcelona. Since the last update, the level of protest activity has subsided significantly, with all the protests shown here organised by… 698 more words


State of Independence VIII

A further set of film photographs from the independence crisis here in Barcelona.

As the struggle between the secessionists and the Spanish state has increased, protests both for and against independence have multiplied. 911 more words


State of Independence VII

A further update and set of film images from the ongoing separatist crisis in Catalunya.

On Tuesday, Carles Puigdemont refused to clarify whether or not the Catalan government had declared independence. 647 more words


State of Independence VI

More film photographs from the continuing independence movement protests here in Barcelona.

Following the white protest on Saturday, there has been a subsequent unity march through the city centre, and then a gathering to celebrate what was expected to be a formal declaration of independence for Catalunya. 915 more words


State of Independence V

More protest images from Barcelona as surging nationalism continues to polarise Catalunya and Spain, leading towards ever increasing tension. Shown here are images from street protests against police violence, and a protest calling for dialogue rather than confrontation between the two opposing political factions – one of the few politically neutral responses to the escalating violence and division. 502 more words


State of Independence IV

A set of film photographs taken during the day of the independence referendum in Catalunya.

The central government’s attempt to shutdown the referendum, which is illegal under Spanish constitutional law, failed after the regional… 539 more words