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Ocean Beach, San Francisco. On a particularly cold and windy day…

Finally catching up with the film scanning and post processing. It is somewhat ironic that the film images take much more time and effort in Photoshop than the digital images – largely thanks to patching up scanner dust and defects on the negatives.


Moments before twilight

During our trip to Bali, we headed to the beach.

The coffee we had prior to our stroll to the beach was rendered useless due to the fatigue from the engagement photography session we had earlier in the day. 122 more words


Pre-Long Shot

And this is what was happening directly in front of me just a few minutes before the image I posted yesterday… engagement photography.

This one was a bit different from most because the guy closest to me was utterly riveted on making a video of the woman taking the photographs; the person to the left facing me (just above the bent-over photographer) was merely a wayward pedestrian, trying to get out of the frame. 107 more words