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Barcelona Street

Finally back to some film photography. These were taken around Barcelona with the M7, Zeiss C-Sonnar and Ilford Delta 400. It is very painful walking the streets at the moment, as temperatures have routinely been above 30c along with some very high humidity. 32 more words



People at Encants market, Barcelona. These are from the last (ever?) roll of Delta 3200, exposed at box speed and processed in ID-11 stock.

A number of these were hip (well, chest…) shots taken while moving through the crowds – something that is only possible with a 50mm lens thanks to the high ISO which allows a fast shutter speed while stopped down.


Barcelona Nights II

The second set of night-time street images taken in Barcelona and shot on high-ISO film. These are images of an illegal street market late at night (around 10pm) at the Rambla del Mar, at the harbour. 48 more words


A Jerusalem Noir

Jerusalem, Israel; 26.02.2014
M7; 50mm Summilux; Kodak Tri-X 400

Stephen Cosh

Barcelona Nights I

The first of two sets of night-time street images taken in Barcelona shot on high-ISO film. The intention was to capture something of the night-time in Barcelona with a vintage-look. 58 more words


Head Space

For the last month, I have shot a lot of (often dubious quality) test images using Delta 3200 and Delta 400 exposed at EI1600, in an attempt to find a suitable image style for a higher ISO exposure setting than usual. 349 more words


La Sagrera

Part of the incredibly sad railway building works at La Sagrera, Barcelona (incredibly sad, because as with so many construction projects here, they are currently “paused” thanks to appalling failures in the cost estimates and budgeting). 93 more words