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Tinder Was Hacked And They Made These Two Guys Flirt With Each Other! It's Pretty Funny

A computer engineer figured out a way to make a dummy account on Tinder, and make men flirt with each other.

You have to admit this is pretty funny. 35 more words


ISIS Releases "Kill List" For Cities, And One Of Ours Made The List

Not going to lie, this scares me a little.

ISIS has released what they are calling a “Kill List” asking people to target law enforcement in certain cities. 30 more words


Amazon Delivering To Select Dallas Cities In Less Than An Hour

Amazon just announced the cities here in Dallas they deliver to in less than an hour.

Can you imagine ordering something and it showing up at your house in an hour. 28 more words


BREAKING: Explosion In New York City Building Causes It To Collapse!

An explosion happened not long ago in New York City in the East Village.

It set the building on fire and caused it to collapse. The building next to it has caught fire also. 18 more words


Ed Sheeran Surprises Deserving Couple And Plays Wedding Singer For Them

This story is so awesome. You have to love when a celebrity does something special for everyday people.

Ed Sheeran showed up at this couples wedding and played wedding singer. 32 more words


The Best Patios In Dallas To Have A Drink

The weather is starting to warm up, and it’s that time of year again. Patio drinking time!

We found a list of the best patios to drink at in Dallas. 28 more words


Man Caught Making Love To A Stuffed Animal In Wal-Mart

Of course this story comes out of Florida, it seems like all the crazy stories these days do.

A 19-year-old took a stuff horse to the comforter aisle, and had his way with the poor thing. 60 more words