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Mama June & Honey Bear Just Scored Another Reality Show!

Well that didn’t take long. After all the controversy that Mama June has been through this year, her family has landed on another reality show. 44 more words


This Woman Proves How Much It Actually Takes To Break A Condom! WOW!

We have all heard some stupid guy say he can’t wear a condom. That he is to big, or they always break.

Well this video proves that almost all men are lying. 23 more words


This Guy Is Already Camping Out For Black Friday And You Have To See His Set Up!

How far are you willing to go for a great deal? This guy goes all out.

Meet Jarvis Johnson, who is already camped outside of Best Buy for Black Friday. 34 more words


Justin Bieber Just Cancelled His Thanksgiving Day Parade Appearance For A Weird Reason!

Justin Bieber just cancelled his Late Show appearance with Stephen Colbert and his appearance during the Thanksgiving Day Parade due to “Personal Reasons.”

What exactly does that mean? 71 more words


Katy Perry's New Christmas Song Will Get Stuck In Your Head In Seconds!

Katy Perry released a new song on Sunday. It’s called “Every Day Is a Holiday” and is airing in the H&M ad for the store’s #HappyAndMerry campaign. 32 more words


Kaley Cuoco From The Big Bang Theory Show's Us How To Cover That Tattoo You Got For Your Ex

Have you ever gotten a tattoo for your better half, but then things didn’t work out? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one if you have. 128 more words


The Guy Who Voiced "Hey Arnold" From Nickelodeon Is All Grown Up And Insanely Hot!

So you remember the show “Hey Arnold” from the 90’s right?

Of course you do, how could you forget that crazy football shaped head. Well it turns out the guy who voiced Arnold in the first 41 episodes, grew up quite nicely. 157 more words