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Levi Johnston Ordered To Pay Back Child Support To Bristol Palin

A judge has order Levi Johnston to pay almost $62,000 in back child support to Bristol Palin for their 7-year-old son Tripp, according to… 72 more words


P!NK's Cover Of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" Is Amazing!

The soundtrack of the new film Alice Through The Looking Glass features an artist named Alecia Moore – whom most people know best by her stage name, Pink. 58 more words


Ouch!!! Watch A Sumo Wrestler Test Out Human Fly Paper!!!

Have you ever used fly paper? It may be an old school method, but it does work. It’s a sticky sided piece of paper that you hang around the house in order to catch flies and any other unwanted bugs or vermin. 122 more words


A New Study Says Cellphone Radiation Causes Cancer In Rats

Step away from the cellphone. A new study has found the cellphone radiation causes cancer in rats.

The National Toxicology Program, for the last 10 years has been… 110 more words


Justin Bieber Is Being Sued For Stealing The Song 'Sorry'

Justin Bieber is being sued for stealing the song ‘Sorry.’ They are asking $100,000 from him, which honestly is nothing to Justin. He should probably just pay them to make them go away. 55 more words


Miranda Lambert Closes Her Oklahoma Boutique And Blake Shelton Bought It

Miranda Lambert shut down her Oklahoma Boutique the other day. The Pink Pistol is no longer open, and she said “Sometimes you need to close a chapter to build on a new beginning or go back home.” 145 more words


This Cat Watching A Horror Movie Is The Best Thing You Will See All Day!

We all know that animals have feelings. They love it when we pet them, and our dogs usually greet us at the front door.

This we have never seen though. 50 more words