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30 Things We Will Never Understand About Men No Matter How Many You Have Been With

Why are men so hard to understand? They are so complicated, and confusing.

Why don’t they understand when we say “nothing is wrong” that everything is wrong. 37 more words


Here Are The Secrets Revealed From Tonight's Bruce Jenner Interview

The Bruce Jenner interview is set to air tonight, and we have found some of the secrets that are going to be revealed tonight.

Our friends over at Radaronline have reported what his boys are going to call him after it’s all said and done. 16 more words


This Mashup Video Of Your All Time Favorite Dance Scenes Is Your New Favorite Video

You have to admit there is something special about a good dance movie.

Now take all your favorite dance movie scenes, and mash them all up together. 22 more words


Women Finds Tiny Person Living In Her Brain

When I first saw this story I was like “yeah, sure there is.”

I couldn’t help myself, and clicked to check it out. Then I found out there was actually another person in her brain. 50 more words


Your Favorite Things From The 90's Are Coming Back Not Just "Full House"

There are a lot more things coming back from the 90’s other than “Full House.”

Scrunchies are making a come back and, Delia’s has returned too. 13 more words


Mila Kunis Sued For Stealing A Pet Chicken

This story is pretty ridiculous. Mila Kunis is being sued by one of her friends for something she allegedly did when she was six.

Her friend claims she stole her pet chicken, and wants $5k for counseling. 39 more words


This Is Why My Husband Will Always Come Before My Kids

We found this blog and it made us think. Is she right, or is she wrong?

Should you put your husband before your kids? Don’t get me wrong the article makes sense. 35 more words