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This Baby Is The Queen Of Dress Up While She Naps!

This is the most adorable thing we have ever seen. This mom dresses her little girl up while she naps, and it’s adorable.

Check this out! 221 more words


Apprentice Contestants Had To Agree To Nudity While Filming

What!!! Why?

In case you forgot, The Apprentice airs on NBC, which is typically a network where you don’t see a whole lot of nudity. … 123 more words


You Can Turn Old Ticket Stubs Into Floor Mats Now And They Are Awesome!

Remember that concert you went to, and you will never forget that night? You still have the ticket in your night stand drawer. You can now turn that memory into something everyone can see. 48 more words


Woman Finds Winning Lottery Ticket in 'Messy Purse'

What winnings may hover amongst the loose change, receipts and hair ties in a typical handbag?  A woman in Ireland ended up cleaning up in a national lottery, after cleaning out her purse! 86 more words


Is 4 AM the Most Productive Hour?

Early birds gets the worm, yes, but this is really early for most of us! Entrepreneurs and executives interviewed by the Wall Street Journal say getting up before everyone else works for them – and the proof is in their success pudding, so to speak. 163 more words


VIDEO: Shooting At The Parks Mall In Arlington Was Caught On Video!

There was a shooting at the Parks Mall in Arlington yesterday, and the incident was caught on a security camera. After the suspect shot the man, he attempted to get away in an Uber car. 7 more words


Check Out This 46 Bedroom House For Sale In Texas! WOW!

Can you imagine buying a house that has 46 rooms in it? Why would you ever need that many rooms?

The pictures are kind of crazy to look at. 58 more words