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These Are The Most Idiotic Lawsuits Of All Time! People Can Sue For Anything!

We have heard of some cray lawsuits over the years. Remember the woman who spilled her McDonalds coffee on herself and sued them because it was to hot. 65 more words


Watch People Freak Out When Grandma Hits The Winning Shot In Beer Pong!

This is a new one on us. I don’t think we have ever seen a grandma play beer pong before, let alone be good at it. 29 more words


Madonna Loses Battle To Her Cape........AGAIN!

Madonna is a hot mess on stage. Remember when she basically got pulled off stage by a cape that didn’t come untied?

How crazy is that, and it looks like it hurt. 36 more words


Leigh Ann And Courtney Kerr #Uncorked The Podcast Episode 5

103.7 KVIL, CBS and Play.it present the Leigh Ann And Courtney Kerr #Uncorked “The Podcast”! It’s Leigh Ann and Courtney Kerr #Worldwide & #Uncensored!

This embed is invalid… 76 more words


This Will Make You Think Of "Saved By The Bell" In A Whole Different Way!

We have all seen a crazy fan write an article about shows we love. Usually we just kind of roll our eyes and move on, but this one actually makes sense. 72 more words


Did Donald Trump Just Call Ted Cruz A P*$$Y?

At a rally last night Donald Trump took it to Ted Cruz.

He mentioned that he thought Ted was going to be for waterboarding, but he had to play it safe. 30 more words


Husband Sues Wife For Not Cooking And Cleaning Enough!

A man in Italy is accusing his wife of “mistreatment of family.”

How crazy is that? He claims his wife isn’t taking care of the family, and is suing her for it. 45 more words