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The Astonishing Colour Of After

This book is another that I have looked forward to, ever since seeing the hardbook cover on Twitter (it is truly beautiful). I have the paperback (from my library) which is as beautiful, so shout out to Thy Bui. 263 more words


9 DPO & Fertility Smoothie

CD 20 / 9 DPO – Watery CM, Sore Boobies, Fatigue, nothing else to report.

Thankful to not be nauseous this cycle! That was a cruel trick my body played on me 2 cycles in a row. 304 more words


Audiobooks: Is It The Same Rush?

Hey Pals!

How have you all been? I’ve been doing well, I’ve missed you all and missed writing. Let me catch you up a little bit. 581 more words


Step One

Today we met with Leigh a fertility nurse at the Fertility Centre we’re considering. She was late due to an EPU (I’m slowly getting the hang of these acronyms 🤓). 135 more words


Life two weeks at a time

When you suffer from infertility your life is broken down into two week blocks. Cycle day 1 to Ovulation, Ovulation to the day that your hopes are dashed once again. 454 more words



For two days I held onto the knowledge that we had finally achieved a pregnancy. I moved between, panic, to shock to excitement. It was a whirlwind of emotion. 664 more words