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Adventures in Oddity Review

Adventures in Odyssey has come out with many products. Many, many products. So what makes Adventures in Oddity any different?

It’s written by Will Ryan and Katie Leigh. 781 more words

Adventures In Odyssey

Naked (1993) Film Review

I hadn’t seen any of Mike Leigh’s prior work before starting this mini-marathon. From what I’d gathered beforehand, I knew I could expect something that could best be described as “a gritty-feeling movie”. 601 more words


Pale Foundations Rundown | Budget Buys

If you’ve caught our ‘Why do we wear make up‘ Tea & Chat video, you will know that I have a stupidly pale complexion. 556 more words


Single mum looking for good wood...

Yeah not THAT kinda wood! ;)  I’m talking about the tree variety. Get your minds outta the gutter!

I thought I might share with you how this all came about, how I put down my telephonist headset and fancy pens and picked up a ‘stanley knife’ sharpened pencil and a saw! 622 more words

Bath Trays

(Click the link below to read the PDF version)

Book Title Isabelle Leigh

Message from the Author

Mikkuelle’s Asylum and other places mentioned within this work are located within an imaginary city located in an imaginary State within the United States of America. 34,528 more words


The Extraordinary Geographic Heritage in My DNA | Leigh (Bella) St John

Oh my!  I have been busily tracing a particular line of my ancestry and what I find most astonishing is not that I have been able to trace them back to the late 1400’s… (and to the left is the family crest) What astonished me – and, if I’m honest, … Continue reading