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The Fowler Murder Case is Returning to Calaveras County.

On February 22, 2018 a panel of judges for the 3rd California Appellate District issued and opinion that reversed the trial court conviction in the Leila Fowler murder case (see the earlier post for the details.)  At the point the State Attorney General’s office had 40 days to file a Petition for Review with the California State Supreme Court (commonly know as an appeal of the 3rd District’s decision.)  The deadline for electronically filing the Petition was 11:59 PM April 3rd. 64 more words

Calaveras County DA statement regarding Fowler reversal.

Today the Calaveras County DA released the statement shown below on the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Face Book page.

There is a significant misstatement of the facts.  87 more words

Isiah Fowler's Attorney On Murder Conviction Reversal: 'This Is Huge'

VALLEY SPRINGS (CBS13) – An appeals judge has reversed the conviction of Isiah Fowler, the boy convicted of killing his 8-year-old sister Leila Fowler in 2013. 287 more words


Appeals Judge Reverses Conviction For Boy Accused Of Killing Sister

VALLEY SPRINGS (CBS13) – An 8-year-old girl was stabbed to death and her 12-year-old brother convicted of the killing.

Now, there’s been a stunning reversal. 251 more words


Fowler Reversed!

The text came to my phone this morning from Steve Plesser, one of the attorneys I continue to work on the Leila Fowler murder case.  It simply said, “Fowler reversed!”  Since then it has been a whirlwind of emotions.  21,105 more words

F. B. I. rejects Freedom of Information Act requests for the investigation file in Leila Fowler murder case.

On January 23, 2018 oral arguments for the appeal filed by the defense in the Leila Fowler murder case were heard by the Appeals Panel for the 3rd Judicial District of California. 450 more words

Appellate Arguments heard in the Leila Fowler Murder Case.

On the afternoon of January 23, 2018 a three judge panel of the Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District for the State of California heard oral arguments on an appeal filed by attorney Marcia Levine on behalf of Isiah Fowler.  326 more words