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What is the difference between Medical & Leisure tourism?

Medical Tourism is visiting countries overseas to gain good health by undergoing medical treatments, while Leisure Tourism is visiting other countries for fun and recreation. 301 more words


Flying High with Service & Content

Consider a typical day in an airport. Think of the hordes of people, many of whom are trying to get to their vacation destinations as efficiently as possible. 406 more words


Contests, Hashtags, & FOMO, oh my!

In 2015, a huge social media trend emerged: FOMO, the fear of missing out. People often see statuses, updates of friends on vacation, and work trips wishing they could be there as well. 254 more words

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Worldwide to Bedside

With the birth and subsequent explosion of social media across the globe, the hotel industry has turned to this mechanism as a means to attract a new and diverse plethora of customers. 378 more words

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Don't Be a Secret Agent

When attempting to gauge success from social media, the travel agent industry is reliant upon the ability of their professionals to build a client base, and more importantly, develop strong brand loyalty with those clients.   410 more words

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Follow Me to Social Traveling

Social media influencers, particularly travel bloggers, inspire their audiences to travel to certain destinations as well as what to post online while they’re there.

Traveling the world and sharing the experience on social media is a career path for some. 307 more words

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