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Leith's Cooking 

A few little bits I’ve made since starting my diploma at Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

Soy glazed salmon with bean sprouts, water chestnuts, mange tout, roasted cashews and chilli. 22 more words


That's all folks!

And here we are. We have reached the final curtain. Today was our last day, save for our practical exam next week, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to update you on my final two weeks at Leiths. 743 more words

Biga, bisque and bloodshed

I’m not sure if I’ve suddenly become desensitised (train and tube tolerant) but very little has aggravated me this week. Yes, the sniffers, snorers and smelly still get to me but not enough for me to report. 961 more words

Useful Resources

Here are some of my favorite online resources:

BBC Food. I was obsessed with this when I in Japan. I would browse photos of roasted food while eating my bento lunch wishing I had access to an oven. 240 more words

Susan Fogarty

Whoops I slipped...

So remember that I time I made a resolution to blog?

Yeah, didn’t go so well did it. My bad. I’ve been pretty EXTREMELY slack on the whole blogging front. 443 more words


Saxophones, soufflés and Sauvignon Blanc

I’m getting the moans out there early, cutting to the chase and straight on to two more things that shouldn’t be allowed on the tube. 1. 1,156 more words

Week 2 day 1: Disaster day!

I can’t believe i have a blog! I actually manage to have a website which looks like one! For anyone who doesn’t know me I am completely useless with new technology and in particular with pc’s (i have no patient either!) That’s why I am very excited, I have managed to have something written already! 164 more words

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