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The Sordid Tale of Meryell Verlen, Chapter 6

Roughly three weeks after everything had been settled in the Chantry, he watched her ride out of Haven under her own power again with Cassandra and Varric alone at her back – because they dared not take Solas with them to Val Royeaux as an open apostate. 6,778 more words


The Sordid Tale of Meryell Verlen, Chapter 5

Meryell stood silently on the other side of the war table from the leaders of the Inquisition, her arms crossed and eyes focused into a hard gaze that flicked from one to the other as they spoke. 4,554 more words


The King's Sons - 9:30 Dragon, Realization

The Southron Hills were an outright mess, half tainted by the Blight spreading out from Ostagar and the Korcari Wilds and half plagued by bandits and scattered refugees. 1,296 more words



Ask and thou shalt receive (or however that goes, I dunno :D)

Requested edits of Cullen and Leli uploaded on Nexus in my…

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Ugh! Reapers? *Disgusted noise*


La 1ra semana de mi Tour

En estos meses he rodado mi primera etapa política, una etapa municipalista. Haciendo un símil ciclista, podríamos decir que hemos recorrido la primera semana del Tour, donde las etapas son llanas sin muchas sorpresas pero con alguna que otra encerrona. 103 more words