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Birthday Post!

Happy Birthday to all the other Fall Babies out there!  Here’s a photo of an angry lemming I found on the internet.



What are Lemmings? Are they, like, fans of Stanislaw Lem? That would, mean (oh, no!) that I have to find a bunch of other Lem fans and go jump off a cliff somewhere with them.


Some might say...

Some might say

That I’m slightly mad, a bit off kilter, or that I need my head examining;

They might say that being with me is hard work, that I’m needy, that I’m too emotional. 401 more words

Life Line

A Slice of Lemming?

He was poised
Upon a precipice
A lemming upon the ledge
Of life
Poised, he was.



Step One. Find a tree – the right tree.

This is actually very important. Not for the obvious necessity reason, but because there are many trees that a novice or even a moderately good tree climber cannot begin to scale without significant assistance. 300 more words


Norwegian Lemming

Let’s talk about the Norwegian Lemming’s natural adaption: they periodically SWARM. These lemmings reproduce at a crazy-fast rate and then eat all the food in their surrounding area, so they SWARM, en masse, to another suitable habitat with enough resources to do the whole thing over again. 101 more words