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OPI | What's With the Cattitude?

Happy Monday!  I am finally back to breathing normally and my heart beat has settled after the dramatic Walking Dead finale last night… OOOOOOooooo, Buddy… my brain was hurting throughout the entire episode!   214 more words


How to stop a lemming - A real perfume story

Lemmings can come from all around us: blogs, best-of-lists, magazines, ads, etc.

Mine came in this slim little volume. The Little Book of Perfumes: The Hundred Classics… 484 more words


Episode 1: "Cassettes and Lemmings"

Gabe and Thorin discuss heady topics such as recording on old cassette tapes, a weird neurological disorder (that they looked up and now know the name of—it’s called “Capgras Syndrome”), and a new song in-progress that is possibly about a lemming. 8 more words


What is a Lemming?

Have you ever read a glowing review about a fantastic new product and been struck by this instant need to buy it/ put it on your wishlist/ tell your significant other about it so that s/he will know what present to get you? 237 more words


Ferocious Lemming....Would Not Want To Run Into This Guy On The Hill

Who would have thought a little lemming would put up such a big fight.  This video comes out of Norway and I guess the rodents over there are extra scrappy.   19 more words


Problems, problems, problems

I have recently been having problems due to my annoyance at people’s lemming behaviour. The most recent occurrence of it almost caused me to act in an impulsive manner and be very rude to a whole bunch of people who happened to be acting like lemmings at the time. 724 more words