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Not jumping off the cliff like a lemming

When you’re running a law firm, it’s easy follow the crowd.  For example, many decide to get advice from others that have a law firm or simply mimic what others are doing.   480 more words


Birthday Post!

Happy Birthday to all the other Fall Babies out there!  Here’s a photo of an angry lemming I found on the internet.



What are Lemmings? Are they, like, fans of Stanislaw Lem? That would, mean (oh, no!) that I have to find a bunch of other Lem fans and go jump off a cliff somewhere with them.


Some might say...

Some might say

That I’m slightly mad, a bit off kilter, or that I need my head examining;

They might say that being with me is hard work, that I’m needy, that I’m too emotional. 401 more words

Life Line

A Slice of Lemming?

He was poised
Upon a precipice
A lemming upon the ledge
Of life
Poised, he was.



Step One. Find a tree – the right tree.

This is actually very important. Not for the obvious necessity reason, but because there are many trees that a novice or even a moderately good tree climber cannot begin to scale without significant assistance. 300 more words