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Lemon Chewy Crisps

I’ve been making this amazing recipe since 2007  –  at least three times that fall. Yep that’s what I do. Find a recipe I like and make it over and over again. 382 more words


Lemon Moment

Well, I found myself with some unexpected spare time to kill today, so I did another lemon with tombow. This is based on one of those lemons in my fridge. 17 more words


Lemon #6

Today’s lemon is just another lemon from my fridge.

Today’s session was cool as I feel like I start gaining some control over my pencil work and understanding a few lemon things better :-)


Lemon (Tablet #1)

This is my first lemon practice on a tablet.It’s based on yesterday’s picture. It’s not looking too good  but at least it felt good to get started with this :-) 135 more words


Lemon #5

Today’s lemon is based on yesterday’s picture.

I tried to improve the details a bit today with mixed success.


Lemon #4

Today I fancied a bit of variety, so I picked the above picture for my practice.

photo by Gaertringen


Lemon #3

Today’s lemon was a fresh lemon staring at me :-). I bought it about 2/3 days ago and it is already showing signs of getting old, guess that’s what you get nowadays with food bought off the supermarket’s shelf. 108 more words