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This past weekend, I woke up feeling like I needed to do something to treat myself. Whether or not I deserved it…was not the question. I had an itch that needed scratching. 486 more words


Plants & Phavorites - Lemon Grass

Summer is at an end. I thought it would be good idea throughout this week to take time for some reflections on the garden…successes and failures, and make note of what I want to plant again next year. 466 more words


Sal'e - Chicken Lemon Grass Soup

Sal’e or Tanglad (Lemon grass) in kapampangan, here is an easy recipe that I have learned during my stay in Pampanga, most of the time we cook it as a pulutan ( beer match ), or after drinking session soup to lessen hangover serve it very hot (pang tanggal amats  – tama) it is so easy to cook yet very tasty. 214 more words

Eat Now Die Later

Lemon Grass 

I always imagined having a yard full of edible treats, and lemon grass is one of the best. Hardy and disease resistant, we cut out of this almost every night for our evening tea. 82 more words

Lime, Lemon & Lemongrass

∴ Lemon, Morning shake

We all know lemons (scientifically known as Citrus limon) as the fruit that evokes images of sunshine,  and sweet homemade lemonade stands. 828 more words

Go Organic

Chili Sambal

My Harissa recipe brought me a similar chili recipe from Laureen.
It is a Malaysian and Thai dish.
It stores well in jars and freezes well. 99 more words


Potatoes and String Beans with Lemon grass

I have been looking for a recipe where I can use the lemon grass I bought earlier.  So I found this Vietnamese which I modified since I could not find the spices mentioned in the recipe.   193 more words