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Weekend Party Time

Kissing booth, knit art, flower power, love bugs, red hot pipes, beating drums…. This and more in one party. Don’t miss out on the zaniest art event of the month at You Make My ART Beat this Saturday at 27 Goulbourn Ave just a stone’s throw away from Laurier Ave East in Sandy Hill. 22 more words


These are glimpses into Julie LaPalme’s newest creations. See them in their entirety this Saturday, Feb 25 at 27 Goubourn Ave in Sandy Hill. You Make My Art Beat – love songs in the form of art.

Kissing Booth in the Making

Lemonjellow art parties are more than just events for showing off talented artists. They are also about not taking oneself too seriously and throwing in a little of the unexpected like a kissing booth. 11 more words

Catching Your Eye

Walking around and putting posters up in Ottawa on Valentine’s Day┬áresulted in a few pics of You Make My ART Beat guerilla marketing. I don’t know why but my eyes gravitate towards big empty metal surfaces like dumpsters, electrical boxes and newspaper boxes. 50 more words

Art to Sink Your Teeth Into

Dr. Martins and Dr. Prudhomme’s dental office on Beechwood Ave is featuring a painting by┬áJulie LaPalme, founder of Lemonjellow. Her bright and uplifting piece looks right at home on the zippy walls of the clinic. 29 more words