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Using Essential Oils to Fade Sunspots

Sun spots can be very inconvenient at times. How do you know that you have it? You may see really dark spots on your skin or really light spots on your skin. 493 more words


Foaming Hand Soap

Here’s one of my favorite DIY recipes. Spend a little for ingredients, save a lot over time!

Foaming Hand Soap

Combine the following ingredients:

Essential Oils

Kyle's whiskey drink

Kyle got a little jealous of my mix drink I’ve been making with the oils so he decided to jump on the bandwagon! He loves whiskey and only drinks it neat, but he decided to shake things up a bit.  67 more words


Fighting off the Flu and Colds with Essential Oils

It’s that time of year when everyone at your job is getting sick. The kids and grandkids are coming home from school with the sniffles and you are starting to feel it too. 433 more words


Tools. Every guitarist should have some basic tools, especially if your want to save money!

Since this blog is about budget gear, making things cheaper for us regular guys and gals, having some basic tools and learning about gear will go a long way towards your satisfaction, tone and longevity with your musical journey. 453 more words

Jeff Brush

Spinach-ricotta gnocchi

Donna Hay convinced me to try out her ricotta- gnocchi recipe. Prepare the dough in advance.
Mix 250 gram of ricotta, 120 grams of flour, 50 grams of grated parmigiano, 2 eggs, pepper and salt to an elastic dough (add flour if too soft). 99 more words


EP01: Dump the Bleach

In this first episode, I’ll talk about bleach, the catch-all cleaner, and why we should dump it down the drain and use something else instead. 114 more words

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