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Are Hobbits Herbalists?

Hobbiton is a wonderful place to visit

I haven’t read Tolkein’s The Hobbit for a few years, but greatly enjoyed the films, so couldn’t resist the opportunity to visit the Hobbiton film set when I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago. 247 more words



Speaking of delightful French gastronomy… while I was in France in January my after-dinner drink was always verveine, which I had never heard of before but which seems quite popular there as a non-alcoholic digestif. 217 more words


Lemon Verbena Body Butter Candle

On these cold winter nights, you know what’s wonderful? A warm buttery candle that not only creates a beautiful ambiance, smells absolutely wonderful but even more than that…will leave your skin soft soft you’ll want someone to touch it. 59 more words


Forever Mastadon ~ Episode 17

…Their gruff cabby, turned chauffeur, for all his tale-telling foibles, is as reliable as they come…

“My name is not Carol, it’s Constance Caraway and Fanny is Fanny, not Sara.” 309 more words

Historical Fiction


I recently attended a Nespresso event which was hosted by Currys. I always get asked the question ‘coffee or tea?’ and of course I always answer ‘tea’! 280 more words

Waterloo Tea

Second Graders turn into Strawberry Plants!

Second graders began the year learning all about plants. One of their big science topics is life cycles, so we’ve spent time learning about the life cycle stages of various flowering plants around our garden. 566 more words

Zarabanda! Deschutes, Spain, and Getting Outside the Box

This past spring, a young home brewer pal of mine messaged me and asked if I’d suggest a recipe for a beer; “the weirder the better”, he said, which piqued my interest immediately. 1,253 more words