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Lemon verbena and I: relationship status it's complicated

My relationship with lemon verbena 檸檬馬鞭草 is complicated. Lots of mixed signals, and I’m not sure we have decided whether we enjoy each other’s company. But there is no denying that it does smell good, and is (secretly) among one of my favorite scents in my balcony farm. 751 more words

Balcony Farming

露養的威力 ︱ The power of outdoor plantation










註1: 檸檬馬鞭草; Lippia citriodora or Aloysia citriodora;  Lemon verbena

註2: 龍艾; Artemisia dracunculus;  Tarragon

註3: 綠薄荷;  Mentha  8 more words

Botanical Garden

Day 1084 - BPAL' s Accursed Casca

Scent Name: Accursed Casca

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Idus Martiae

Scent Description and Notes: “It was Casca who gave him the first blow with his dagger, in the neck, not a mortal wound, nor even a deep one, for which he was too much confused, as was natural at the beginning of a deed of great daring; so that Caesar turned about, grasped the knife, and held it fast. 198 more words


Life in the greenhouse: January

Blimey it’s chilly. Inside and out: life got a bit hectic last autumn and I didn’t get around to my usual bubblewrap-insulation-and-greenhouse-heater routine. So my greenhouse – usually a cosy refuge at this time of year – is distinctly less than welcoming at the moment. 640 more words


Lemon & Verbena Body Wash

Moisturizing Shower Gel, based on natural essential oils of lemon verbena and suitable for daily use. Luxurious creamy foam gently cleanses the skin and cares for her, smoothing and giving fresh scent. 69 more words


Lemon Verbena Sorbet

I bought a verbena plant in France for 1 Euro.  brought it home and put it in the polytunnel.  The leaves can be dried and then pour over boiling water to make a lemony drink, it is has properties to help with sleep. 157 more words


Essense&Co. Lemon & Verbena Liquid Hand Soap

Vibrantly scented liquid hand soap infused with natural essential oils hydrates as it delicately perfumes skin with uplifting Lemon and Verbena. Luxurious, moisture-rich formulation is suitable for dry skin and gentle enough to use every day. 55 more words