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Ahh Detox Water!

We ALL need to be drinking this Detox water.  Everyday!  So simple to put together, healthy and vitamin packed, no sugar, and mighty tasty if you ask me! 33 more words


Lemon Water?

Now, if you’re going to learn one thing a about me….it’s that I’m not a health freak in the slightest! I literally just ate a whole pizza…… 70 more words


How to Start Your Day in a Healthy and Happy Way!

Nobody likes to be groggy all day and feel like they have no energy. That is why it is so important to have a good morning routine to get your day started off in the best way possible! 858 more words


How Effective Is Drinking Lemon Water for Weight Loss?

People say that drinking lemon water for weight loss actually seems to work, but the effectiveness of this aid is seemingly weight lemon random? It is recommended to use a squeeze of lemon in hot water should you drink each morning to help you lose weight, but why should you help? 419 more words

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NO.9 - Drink Two Cups of Lemon Water Every Morning

There are many benefits to kickstarting your day with a couple of cups of lemon water every morning. Below is a list of a few of them that I especially noticed when I began drinking lemon water: 103 more words


Bad Food Day

Today has not been a good day. I didn’t sleep at all last night and when I did finally get out of bed, I found I had excruciating back pain. 296 more words

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20 things of fat

While I still haven’t really lost any weight, I am still not drinking pop, (13 days now!) and I don’t even really want it. I have been waking on my own a little earlier than usual for 4-5 days now and without the feeling of… 318 more words