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Daily Detoxification

We are in the midst of major renovations at the moment, and this post was inspired by a conversation with my Mom about toxicity. When she expressed concern about all of the painting I was doing this week, I assured her that we were using the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) paint I could find (Benjamin Moore Natura). 1,248 more words


I’ve found that with my rheumatoid arthritis that it is harder for me to get fit and lose weight because I either get tired really fast or I begin to hurt. 268 more words

#rheumatoid Arthritis

Stuff I've Tried Lately

I tried Tim Tams… A lot of people at work have traveled to Australia and New Zealand lately and everyone keeps bringing back Tim Tams. They are are a very popular cookie there and they do this thing called a shot gun with them where they bite of the tip of opposite sides and then put one side in coffee and suck on the other side like a straw. 428 more words


From chaos to...organized chaos

For quite some time now, I found myself in a mood less state of being – for a lack of a better definition. Meaning, I felt like whatever ideas I kept having weren’t good enough to be put in writing and shared simply because I considered somebody else said it better, I already read that in so many different places before…aaand let the excuses flood gates open :)). 1,120 more words


Rise and Shine - Healthy Morning Habits to Start Your Day

There is loads of research to suggest that having a good, healthy morning routine leads to more productive days and overall well-being. Once established a habit, it doesn’t require our thinking or any amount of effort to be done. 354 more words

T.R.Y (Flat tummy in FOUR days!)

I am heading for a beach retreat (YEAH!) next Wednesday and damn, my tummy is bloated and am SOooo not-beach ready at all :(

I am a size 12 and am loving my curves but when I heard there’s a recipe to flatten the tummy in 4 days..WHY NOT?! 219 more words


Beauty Tip Tuesdays: Lemon water

Welcome to another beauty tip Tuesdays #2!! Did you try out last week’s beauty tip? How did you like it? I’m loving this new segment for my blog! 315 more words