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5 Ways to Kickstart your morning | An Updated Routine!

Drink lemon waterI never knew there were so many benefits to this! Lemon water makes me feel awake, and fresh. You can drink it warm, or cold, but I prefer for it to be warm because it wakes me up. 332 more words



While you sleep, the skin is working its hardest to repair itself. It is the perfect time to enhance your beauty and recuperate your skin.  Today I’ll tell you some bedtime beauty tips to work on your skin’s hydration and wellness overnight so that you get beautiful and hydrated skin every morning. 406 more words

Too Good Not to Share

If you are a runner looking for a post-run electrolyte rebuilding snack or someone who loves home-made, frozen fruit smoothies, LISTEN UP! I use my nutri-bullet but if you have a blender, it will do the trick as well. 186 more words

But first, Lemon!

It’s time to cut the coffee talk, and cut the lemons instead. Behold the buzz behind the magical concoction of warm lemon water! This powerful drink has so many benefits for your body inside and out. 408 more words


10 Foods To Encourage Good Digestion

Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means that the Holidays are quickly approaching, and that is synonymous to overeating. Just the thought of it makes my jeans feel tighter already! 581 more words