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Last few weeks I had been trying to take care of my skin more than before. Remember, I had posted on Cleansing just last month. Today’s post is another extension to the skin care routine I have been following. 183 more words


Warm Ginger Lime & Lemon Water

5 reasons to drink warm lemon, lime & ginger water

  • Balances PH levels (lemons are an incredibly alkaline food)
  • Helps Digestion (warm water stimulates digestion and lemons and limes are high in minerals and vitamins and help loosen toxins in the digestive track)
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Begin Your Day With Lemon Water

When you wake up in the morning, the best way to begin your day, is not with a cup of coffee, but with a large glass of lemon water. 136 more words


Benefits of Lemon Water

As I continue with my journey to becoming healthy, I have been searching and experimenting natural ways to keep my health on track. I have suffered Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) several times, until I went to my doctor and found out that I have kidney stones. 494 more words


Why Lemon Water is SO Good for You

About a year ago, it seemed that everywhere I turned, social media, radio programs, tv shows, people were hailing the benefits of lemon water. Since then, I’ve repeatedly tried to make it a habit to drink it every day, but only recently have actually made it part of my daily ritual. 447 more words

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Strawberry- Lemon, Infused Water

Water, Water, Water! The basis of human life.

Did you know that our bodies are made up of 50% or more, of water?

Did you know that evidenced based articles & research notate that we should drink half of our body weight in ounces of water per day? 136 more words


Warm Lemon Water

Lemons contain many vitamins and minerals and can be used in multiple ways. One of the best ways to enjoy a Lemon is to squeeze half a lemon into a warm glass of water. 271 more words

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