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Life Enhancing Lemon Water

Do you ever go through a whole day, thinking you’ll drink that glass (or 8) of water, but never quite get to it? When you’re occupied by other concerns, like taking care of your kids and juggling all your other responsibilities, it’s easy to ignore basic necessities. 653 more words


Health benefits of lemon

One of the fruits that I really like is the lemon. Its sweet aroma is so pleasing that I would like to have it around me whole day. 793 more words


Everyone Is Obsessed With Drinking Lemon Water—But Is It Really Beneficial To Your Health?

Can such a cheap, simple, make-at-home drink live up to the hype? We looked in to break down the real benefits of lemon water.

Does Lemon Juice Really Deliver? 484 more words


5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Morning Routine

Good morning sunshine! Here are five morning rituals I’ve gleaned from Ayurvedic teachings that I have found to make a huge difference in my day. As a Vata dosha I thrive on routine, so these are especially nice to set up my day for success. 629 more words

new morning habit - warm water with lemon 💦🍋

Happy Wednesday friends! So I know we’ve all heard about drinking warm water with lemon before. It’s nothing new, but I just began doing it 3 weeks ago and have been loving the amazing benefits! 478 more words


BOIL Lemons, And Drink It Just Get Up - You Will Be SHOCKED By The Results!

The way you start your day is really important because it shows the type of life you’re leading. Drinking warm lemon water has become a trend; however, this method doesn’t fully use all that potential the lemon has. 355 more words

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