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Two little lemurs haunting the forest


Colugo/Flying Lemur

The colugo or flying lemur is one of two species from the dermoptera lineage. The colugo and it’s cousin are confusingly both called flying lemurs. This little mammal has a thin membrane that stretches from each limb including the tail that creates a parachute type effect when they jump from tree to tree. 32 more words


Letters from Madagascar: Rain adventures in Manakara

During the two weeks I spent in Manakara, my classmates and I took a three day trip to a lemur research station in Kianjavato (Key-ahn-za-vah-too). We spent those days in the rainforest, getting drenched in rainstorms, and running after lemurs. 563 more words


King of the swingers?

The Madagascan grey mouse lemur is voracious. The female of the species, for one night of peak fertility every year, mates with as many males as possible – although the name “the spice islands” is more likely derives from Madagascar being the world’s largest exporter of vanilla. 304 more words