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My Sunday Photo - Week 38.

I’ve fallen in love.

With a lemur.

This lemur to be exact.

We paid a visit to Africa Alive in neighbouring Suffolk on Thursday and, while the rest of his friends were huddled together in the trees tops, this chilled-out dude was more than happy to pose for photos – and actually followed me around the encounter enclosure. 41 more words


travelling. sketching. part III (animals)

we saw lots of animals on our journey, for example the only dove i ever liked (it’s a turtledove and he/she lives on the campsite in labadusa / trogir, croatia): 171 more words


Sleep… a quixotic place for the best of us. You tuck your brain away for the night and wish it well on its journeys to dawn. 72 more words



Lemur at Cotswold Wildlife Park


Madagascar - 30/195

Madagascar is such a beautiful country with its biodiversity, friendly people and rich culture, yet its one of the poorest in the world. I went to work with SEED Madagascar, a British charity working in south-east Madagascar, managing conservation and sustainable development projects, supporting local communities and protecting Madagascar’s unique eco-systems. 521 more words



Today I went to Vallée des Singes, it was a park with only monkeys, and some lemurs, like me!

We have the same eyes, we must be related! 70 more words