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Making Friends with Lemurs in Madagascar!

We arrived in the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo (Tana as the locals say) around 10pm and were greeted by our driver Jonathan. When compared with Mauritius, the 2nd most developed country in Africa after Seychelles, you can feel the difference the moment you walk off the plane. 1,874 more words


[VIDEO] Japanese Commercial for NTT Communications: 'I Want to Be With People Who Like Capybara, It Gives You Peace of Mind'

#なぜか安心する 『カピまる(*´ω`*)劇場』 OCN モバイル ONE #カピバラ好きな人と繋がりたい




音楽には、人気急上昇中のアーティスト「never young beach」の安部勇磨さんをCMで初めて起用。

往年の名曲「Only You」のオリジナルアレンジ版を歌い上げていただきました。



▼NTTグループの格安SIM OCN モバイル ONE おトクだけじゃない5つの安心はコチラ http://www.ntt.com/personal/lp/p/lp39…

安心感いっぱいのカピバラGIFアニメがダウンロードできる 『カピまる(´ω` 178 more words


Travel Mada: Anja Park

I’m starting a series of posts about parks and locations I’ve been to in Madagascar.

Why Visit: Anja Park was established in 1999 and run by the community instead of being a national park. 509 more words


Inside Madagascar: Part Three

Nature, Wildlife and Guides

When I finally sat down to write this piece, I got into a situation of a long blank staring process at my laptop screen. 1,885 more words


System76 UK In Life

Having received my first laptop from System76 in February2-17, I decided to blog about my experience, mainly because of the lack of decent reviews & blogs out there when I was looking for information and  advice when I was considering taking the plunge.



I’ve literally procrastinated one month to write a blog on Madagascar, because I feel it’s impossible to put into words. Malagasy words are also impossible to remember – lots of letters and syllables. 1,694 more words

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