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Are Zoo's needed??

Picture this…

Humans lined up…including children and adults…behind fences…behind barbed wires.

Some superior race has rounded up these “children of a lesser God” to live a life in tiny fenced cages… Some crumbs are thrown for these lowly creatures to survive and keep the superior race entertained. 165 more words

Lemurs Parrots Elephants Chimps and Manatees

Hurst: Hello Carol, how are you?

Carol: I’m doing quite well! I’m highly caffeinated and ready to talk about some animal news!

Hurst: Well enough monkey business, time to get down to business…about monkeys. 681 more words

Bonte Maki in zwart wit

Gisteren een prachtige wasbeer gezien op instagram, van Vicky Delfosse vicfossart: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ba_lT_hDM3f/?tagged=inkvember

Die stijl wilde ik meteen proberen! Voor internet moest ik wel een ander zwart wit harig gezicht gebruiken want een rechtstreekse copie is niet kies. 186 more words

Evening Photo

A Coquerel’s sifaka.  If you’re around my age, you may recognize it as the same type of lemur as Zooboomafoo.

A common rule of thumb in photography is the rule of thirds.  56 more words


Madagascar’s Best Live Animal Encounters

In Madagascar I had a bad experience at a certain point. It was the group. Even though I have only been joining group trips twice so far, two round trips in a timely distance of ten years. 1,520 more words


A Trip to the Montgomery Zoo

Like all mothers and daughters, Kayla and I have things the two of us like to do together.  One of those is going to the zoo.  798 more words

Just Stuff...

we went on safari!

Hi my angels,

A bit of a different post today, recently I went to a safari park with my family and basically all of the animals were… 415 more words