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Action 519 - Superman doesn't trust the alien, and Aquaman learns his mother's plans

Superman deals with an alien beast and its hunter in Action 519 (May 1981).

Conway, Swan and Chiaramonte helm this tale.  Superman gets alerted about signals of approaching aliens.  194 more words

Action 432 - Two Toymen, and the Human Target ends

Bates, Swan and Anderson bring back the Toyman, and introduce a new one, in Action 432 (Feb. 74).

The new Toyman is not given a name, nor is shown out of his mask and costume.  281 more words

Action 425 - Superman vs a moa, the Atom begins, and the Human Target at the circus

A really great, if generic, cover for Action 425 (July 1973), the first of two consecutive issues to contain three stories, instead of what had become the normal two. 342 more words

Action 423 - Luthor's hammer of hate, and the Human Target finds his father's killer

Bates, Swan and Anderson give Luthor one of his most inventive attacks on Superman in Action 423 (April 1973).

The story opens on a humourous note, as Morgan Edge orders Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to take acting classes, to improve their ability to emote on camera. 189 more words

Action 422 - Superman vs blood cells, and the origin of the Human Target

A neat cover for Action 422 (March 1973), and the boy is the main character of the story by Bates, Swan and Anderson, a boy born with an extreme illness that keeps him isolated as he grows up. 285 more words

Action 420 - Superman rescues Clark Kent, and the Human Target helps a hunter

Elliot S Maggin joins Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson for a diverting little tale in Action 420 (Jan. 73), which introduces a new supporting character for the Superman books, quite by the wayside. 254 more words