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Challenging the unexceptional: why we can’t accept “just okay” from banking

It’s not just getting from Point A to Point B

A few years ago, living in New York City and working miserably long hours, I often found myself in the back of a taxi. 740 more words

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Lending a Hand

Over the years we have been unconsciously conditioned to be skeptical and suspicious of strangers offering their help. Many of us would rather play it safe because we feel we’re putting ourselves in danger or feel said person has ulterior motives. 33 more words

How to buy house with no money?

Today I will host a book study regarding this topic. This is the book that we will study together. As you see, One of the big advantages of real estate is leverage. 503 more words

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3 Tips for Surviving Small Business World - Thoughts From a Curious Content Creator

Although I rarely post about my work life, I jumped at the chance to write a blog for Fundera – a bias-free lender marketplace. We all have dreams, am I right? 725 more words

The changing face of challenger banking – what does the future hold?

There is no question that challenger banking, especially in the UK, has revolutionised the way we look at financial services. The simplicity of transactions, transparency of fees and the ability to connect with your peers have helped millennials, as well as millennial-minded older generations, adopt challenger banking apps and websites to handle basic banking – especially around traditional products such as current accounts, savings and loans. 541 more words


Important News From CMHC

The Vancouver and Toronto real estate market bubble is now affecting the rest of the country. Click here to find out more.

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Wall Street's dealmakers are having a historically good time of it

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Bank of America reported strong third-quarter earnings on Monday — and the bank’s dealmakers had a big hand in the performance.

The firm’s corporate and investment bank had its best third quarter since Bank of America merged with Merrill Lynch, bringing in $1.46 billion worth of revenues.  312 more words

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