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(Book) Struggle Sunday: Lending Books

After I told my friend Melissa about my discussion post (The Never Ending Battle of Paperbacks vs Hardcovers), Melissa came with the idea to do another collab. 840 more words


When it’s okay to borrow money

Being in debt is frowned upon in general. Borrowing money is the reason why the United States is in 30 Trillion Dollars of debt today; and it’s the reason why companies close down, friendships break up and marriages end. 481 more words


Three Cs of Lending

For a growing number of the US population, the rationale of how a bank determines worthy prospect is viewed as a blackbox. Questions such as “Is my business just far too risky?”, “Did I fill out the application wrong?”, “Is there something wrong with how I run my business?”arise and make a business owner doubt him or herself. 478 more words

Cash Flow

Tips For Finding Best Mortgage Companies & Securing Mortgage Loans at Best Rates

Tips For Finding Best Mortgage Companies & Securing Mortgage Loans at Best Rates

Mortgage Loan Company
When you plan to buy a home, it goes without saying that you are in it for the long haul due to the reason that a mortgage debt of 15, 20 or even 30 years is accompanied by it. 360 more words

Financing New Construction - What I've Learned So Far

Another title for this post could be “How to make your brain hurt in 60 seconds or less.”

Thanks to the Great Recession and housing bubble, home financing has become a lot more complicated than it once was. 1,237 more words


(Must Watch Video) John Oliver Hits Home Run on Sub-Prime Loans

I had to break our normal publishing form this week and write an extra post on this pretty fantastic video I watched from John Oliver’s hit HBO show… 475 more words

Personal Finance

If you have to borrow, here’s how to do it smartly


By Russ Van Arsdale, executive director Northeast CONTACT

Posted Aug. 22, 2016, at 6 a.m.

In prior columns, we’ve discussed the need to shop around for low annual percentage rates or APRs when borrowing money.

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