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Loans that Change Lives

by Madlen Gubernick

Social enterprises utilize a business model centered around creating social good as opposed to solely generating profit. These enterprises often generate economic development and financial security that support struggling individuals and empower them towards sustainable solutions for issues including poverty, education, health, and the environment. 762 more words

Economic Development

All You Really Need to Know About Your Mortgage Deed

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A lot of people love the idea of having a mortgage.  Basically you pay the Bank – from whom you have borrowed the money – until you can say that you own a “piece of the rock” (property). 1,382 more words


Dear Past...

Those of you who know me well know that I have a history of challenging the norm.  I’ve found myself called into many a boss’s office over things I did that didn’t conform to the rules.  1,020 more words

Big Banks Have Nothing to Fear from Financial Upstarts, Study Says

Deloitte has some news for piping hot financial startups—news they might not like to hear.

Despite the hype about their potential to upend lending, the upstarts do not, in fact, imperil the livelihood of incumbent banks, the accounting and consulting firm said in a new… 486 more words


Financing your business – should you use P2P lending services or bank loans?

(Source: e27.co)

The rise of P2P lending platforms does not mean that banks are going to be replaced; rather, these new services act as complements, offering SMEs more flexibility of financing options. 239 more words


Awaiting Approval 

The anxious wait, waiting for formal financial approval! Forms and paperwork all sent and received so now we might have a few weeks to see if our loan gets formally approved. 533 more words

Giving Away Yourself

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There’s a duo of old people behind me, and a lady across from them, and they’re talking loudly. About how they’ve lent their kids this many thousands and that many thousands, and they’ll never see that money again. 1,395 more words