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2.16.12–Wells Fargo Securities Commercial Real Estate Chartbook: Uncertainty Continues To Hang Over and Shape The Recovery

Summary from Wells Fargo Economics Group #CRE email:

Economic activity appeared to turn up a notch toward the end of 2011, and data for the early part of 2012 suggest that the new year has gotten off to a solid start.

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Economic Data

ING Real Estate Investment Management Report: US View 2010 – The Path To Recovery (downloadable pdf)

Click HERE for the downloadable pdf of the report


Retail property market summary:


We believe that the worst period for retail sales is probably over, but do not expect a quick rebound.

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Future Trends

Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club facilitating loans for shoppers up to $25k backed by SBA

Microfinance at it’s best.  Talk about creating brand loyalty…

From the CNBC article:

Tired of waiting for spending to rebound on its own, retailers are taking matters into their own hands.

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Wells Fargo Economics: Credit Quality Monitor June 2010

Good state of the union from Wells Fargo economics regarding credit quality in the following areas:

  • Consumer Credit
  • Bankruptcies
  • Loan Delinquency Rates
  • Consumer Purchasing Plans…
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GE Capital to cut commercial real estate holdings in half from $80B to $40B

Nice!  They own a TON of very pure restaurant properties since they acquired Trustreet back in February of 2007.  Time to buy!


From the Wall Street Journal article… 90 more words

Capital Markets

Commercial Deals Abound but Loans Are Scarce

Some quotes from the wsj.com article:


Real-estate prices are enticingly low in many areas of the country, prompting business owners to pursue sweet deals on storefronts, manufacturing facilities and other commercial properties.

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