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Triumph of the Will (1935)

“It is our will that this state shall endure for a thousand years.”

I figured that I’ve been knocking out a lot of simple titles lately, films that I know I’ll enjoy, so I decided it was time to check out one of the more difficult titles to sit through. 830 more words


The Master Race's master builder

Leni Riefenstahl was an intimate friend of Hitler’s, and sculptor Arno Breker was like a son to him; but the artist who worked most closely of all with the Führer, and whose oeuvre is most inextricable from the Third Reich project, was Albert Speer. 554 more words

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Race (Berlijn 1936)

Mensenrechten. Propaganda. Corruptie. De ingrediënten zijn er steeds opnieuw als de discussies over de relatie tussen sport en politiek oplaaien. Zo ook bij de meest controversiële Olympische Spelen aller tijden: Berlijn 1936. 440 more words


Raise Your Arm If You're A Racist

So Brexit has uncorked the Djinn of racism and we hear of a spike in racist attacks all over the UK. The BBC featured a news report on a neo-Nazi in Leeds who is relieved at being able to take his country back from the Poles. 666 more words

A fearful symphony

Leni Riefenstahl was hired by Hitler himself to produce a film that glorified the Nazi party, and she delivered in spectacular fashion. She needed 30 cameras to capture the pageantry of 1934’s week-long, 700,000-strong… 314 more words


Triumph des Willens (1935)

Last week I wrote about the American World War II propaganda film The Nazis Strike (1943), a film which made heavy use of the enemy’s own propaganda films, showing them in a very different light. 322 more words

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Triumph of the Will (1935)

Editor’s Note: This piece was written for a class in which we were instructed to review a film that is considered controversial, acknowledging how it can still be viewed as a work of art despite its controversy.  935 more words

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