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REVIEW: "Leni" at Bridge Street Theatre

by Barbara Waldinger

For the past four years, Bridge Street Theatre has laudably dared to present challenging plays with highly controversial central characters.  Following up on last year’s depiction, in… 828 more words


Bridge Street’s “Leni” Delves Into the Life of Controversial Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl

What happens to artists when they allow themselves – knowingly or unknowingly – to become cogs in a propaganda machine? This and other fascinating and complex moral and ethical issues are explored in the second production in… 1,378 more words


Leni Riefenstahl archive to throw new light on Hitler's film-maker

Critics fear bequest will fuel new wave of fanaticism among those who continue to revere the German propagandist and neo-Nazi icon

24 April 2018 | 969 more words


Inscrutable: Any Reef & Stall

Lovely angles, muscles, motion
roused the pitch of hot devotion.
Banners raised as standards flapped
orders barked, salutes were snapped:
volk emotion.

Olympiads and warrior rallies… 158 more words

My Shameful Poetry Addiction

Are Artists Obligated?

Today’s post centers around the question raised in the title and will consist mostly of questions rather than answers. As Robert Hutchins once said, the only questions worth asking are the ones that cannot be answered. 731 more words

Hugh's Blogs

The President is on the air

The President of our little college just released his quarterly vision statement on his YouTube channel.  Since his hiring five years ago this has been his only contact with the college community and we look to the videos for visual clues on everything from upcoming land grabs to potential new departments. 175 more words

The Republican Paper Moon

Dec. 25, 2017  By Jack Jodell (in association with the gifted writer BURR DEMING, who created and still posts regularly over at the brilliant blog site FAIR AND UNBALANCED.COM – see my Blogroll in the lower right side of this page). 532 more words