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Conflict of Doves

last saturday evening (18th november), 6.00-7.30pm, on bbc radio 4 extra (repeated from 1986 on bbc radio 4)
conflict of doves (by david buck)

“The 1936 Berlin Olympic Games was conceived by Hitler as a public display of Aryan superiority to be captured on film by Leni Riefenstahl.

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#81. Triumph of the Will (1935)

My dad is a history buff, with special interests in ancient Rome and WWII, and when, after graduating from college, I started stressing about my intellectual future, and whether I’d be able to stay curious and keep educating myself without a professor to hold my hand through the tough stuff, he told me that he gets these 800-page books about Churchill or whatever, the recovery of Berlin or the Battle of the Bulge (stuff that, to me, looks dense and intimidating), and reads each one pretty quickly because, having once upon a time trudged amateurishly through similar books, he goes into these newer volumes knowing the characters, knowing the events, and this apparently quickens his eyes’ movement over the page. 546 more words

Leni Riefenstahl by Helmut Newton

The German-born photographer took this picture in 1988 for Vanity Fair. Leni Riefenstahl was a German photographer and film director who had a strategic role during Nazism: she directed  94 more words

Stars' Vanities/make-up Cases/cabinets In Real Life

Just Say No (When to Steer Clear of a Client)

By David Gallagher and David Schleicher

As any fan of courtroom TV drama knows, the accused are entitled to professional legal counsel, no matter how heinous the charge. 550 more words


The spectacle subjugates living men to itself to the extent that the economy has totally subjugated them. It is not more than the economy developing for itself.

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Musings From Beneath The Paving Stones

Rowing: The Boys in the Boat, The Social Network, Fascism, Grieg, and Me

My first visit to Trump-era US involved visiting various extended family, predominantly of an elderly, Catholic, and conservative persuasion. Upon arrival in Virginia, following an 18-hour door-to-door journey, several newly purchased paperback non-fiction books were thrust upon me as welcoming gifts. 1,519 more words