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Triumph des Willens (1935)

Last week I wrote about the American World War II propaganda film The Nazis Strike (1943), a film which made heavy use of the enemy’s own propaganda films, showing them in a very different light. 322 more words

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Triumph of the Will (1935)

Editor’s Note: This piece was written for a class in which we were instructed to review a film that is considered controversial, acknowledging how it can still be viewed as a work of art despite its controversy.  935 more words

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Moon Landings Faked by Georges Melies

I didn’t want to post this on April 1st because you wouldn’t believe me.

But think about it — it CAN’T can’t have been Kubrick — the camera never moves. 225 more words


Dietrich & Riefenstahl: Hollywood, Berlin, and a Century in Two Lives by Karin Wieland

In Dietrich & Riefenstahl, Karin Wieland compares the lives of two famous German movie personalities. On the surface, Marlin Dietrich and Leni Riefenstahl seem very similar. 541 more words

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Addendum to Trump, Hitler and the rise of fascism

For those who require the long answer (the short answer) to whether that New York real estate mogul and reality TV star is the American reincarnation of Der Fuhrer, it’s… 1,030 more words


Leni Riefenstahl's lifework: Contradictions and Reflections

In the seminal work of Susan Sontag (1975) “Fascinating Fascism,” I concur with the criticism of Rollyson that Sontag paid scant attention to the historical context of Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi-era documentaries “Triumph of the Will” and her exhilarating account of the 1934 Nuremberg rally, and “The Olympiad”. 442 more words




The true story of American Olympian Jesse Owens is such an interesting subject, and “Race” attempts to tackle it from the starting line of Owens’ first day as a college student at Ohio State. 556 more words

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