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Review: The Russian Revolution (Documentary, Netflix, 1917, Dir Cal Seville)

In this documentary the Russian Revolution unfolds as a battle between the ruling Romanov dynasty and Lenin’s family, the Ulyanovs. To take such a focus is not necessarily a bad idea. 1,240 more words

How Lenin Still Claims the Antarctic!

In 1956, the Soviet Union despatched the 2nd Soviet Antarctic Expedition to the most remote and coldest area of the Antarctic, where temperatures are known to drop to as low as −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F; or 184.0 K) – this is the ‘naturally’ coldest place on earth – permanent frosts and wind-speeds of around 100 mph. 245 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Cultural Festival: 100 Years of the October Revolution in New York City

Cultural Festival: 100 Years of the October Revolution

Sunday, July 2, 2017 – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

39 Eldridge St., 4th Floor, Chinatown, Manhattan… 538 more words

The June crisis: 'The right to a peaceful demonstration is ours'

On the 9th of June a bomb was exploded at the Soviet congress: in the morning’s edition of Pravda appeared an appeal for a demonstration on the following day. 2,036 more words

'To celebrate the October Revolution is to proclaim its relevance'

Resolution on the Centenary of the October Revolution

First Congress of the Fronte Popolare / People’s Front (Italy), June 3, 2017

We must begin our First Congress by joining with the thousands of communists and revolutionaries around the world who are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution in Russia, where the workers, peasants and soldiers — led by the Bolshevik Party — took power and began, for the first time in history, the construction of a socialist society. 513 more words

"The highest honor" - imperialist and proletarian; and the war on Syria -- Sorry, Not Buying It | Cast Away Illusions

According to many imperialist-nation patriots, the “highest honor” one can have is to fight and die for “my country”. You’ll find find this sentiment being expressed on TV, in church, in presidential statements, in movies, during speeches, on the radio, in homes and shopping malls, and many places of congregation. 1,164 more words


The first congress of Soviets assembles in Petrograd

The first congress of the soviets, which sanctioned the offensive for Kerensky, assembled in Petrograd on June 3 in the building of the Cadet Corps. There were 820 delegates with a vote and 268 with a voice. 1,317 more words