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Bulgaria Trip Day 2: Socialism and Dancing

The combination of the early flight, the late night and the time zone change meant we all awoke late in the morning. Slowly, we passed through the shower and wandered out into the lazy Sunday morning. 682 more words


Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932

I went to see the Russian Art exhibition that is on at the Royal Academy.

It’s quite a large exhibition. It describes a fifteen-year period following the Russian Revolution when artists working in many different media (painting, sculpture, textiles, ceramics), representing various different schools, including a new avant-garde movement, made art for a new Russia. 417 more words


The Polish - Soviet War of 1920

Poland has always been in an unfortunate geographic location; between two nations which throughout history have competed for dominance over Europe. To the west lies Germany, the powerhouse of Europe. 2,042 more words


Lenin wasn't Marxist, Stalin wasn't Leninist

When Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto, he wanted a global stateless and classless society without money where every person had freedom of speech; and the right to bear arms and the right of revolution were respected. 1,116 more words


Letters from afar: How to achieve peace

Written on March 25 (March 12 old style), 1917:

I have just (March 12/25) read in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (No. 517 of March 24) the following telegraphic dispatch from Berlin: 1,952 more words

Letters from afar: Concerning a proletarian militia

Written on March 24 (March 11 old style), 1917:

The conclusion I drew yesterday about Chkheidze’s vacillating tactics has been fully confirmed today, March 10 (23), by two documents. 4,280 more words

'By their example and solidarity, millions of human beings were liberated'

In homage to the centennial of the Russian Revolution

By Gabriel Ángel

How easy it is to dump on the Soviet Union. Success is guaranteed. Lenin was a hundred years ago, a century of Stalin and the cold war.  1,141 more words